How to get to EXPERT LEVEL?

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    redchessman wrote:
    HotBoxRes wrote:
    Zinsch wrote:
    HotBoxRes wrote:

    Play, play, play. Then play some more.

    The more you play, the more key positions and tactics you will be exposed to.

    Those "stupid mistakes" will disappear with enough repetitions, and you'll break the 2000 barrier with ease.

    Although this is true to some extent, there will be a barrier that you can't break with playing only. You need to study hard then to increase that ceiling.

    You're probably right.

    Although, I don't think study is required to reach expert level.

    Master level, perhaps, but not expert.

    That's completely wrong.  I did a significant amount of work to become an expert.

    me too.

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    Endgame study? Ew.

    whatever I didn't use that but you have to learn basic mates and how to win won endings and so on and so forth.

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    You can just scam it and blunder your way to success losing numerous endgames along the way:)

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    Tactics, I suspect.

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