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    I have just created a tournament for my group of 127 members. When the registration page game up it said 110 invites were sent out. Above that it listed 6 members that an invite could not be sent to due to them having their invites turned off.  My question is what about the other 11 members that did not recieve an invite.  I turned up the time outs to 50%  to include everyone and minimum games were lowered to 5. One member was below minmum rating but what about the other 10.  Any ideas ?

    110 members invited

       6 members invites turned off

        1 member below rating

       10 members   ?????

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    LaughingI"M crunchin the numbers as we speak Scut.. the solution is inevitable...Money Mouth

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    Tongue OutYUP, the numbers all add up, We are a go, and may the Geezers prevail!Laughing

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    Hands up all those who didn't get an invite.

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    Wow hoooooooo! lets giter goin  Kiss

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    i didn't get an invite either?  Cry

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    Looks like I'll have to spend a few hours this weekend seeing who did and who did not get invites. I sent a group invite out so I don't know why some didn't get invited but then that is what this post is about.

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    Look, Scut.  Some of us are schizo's, but even though there are two (or more) of us, will only allow us one identity.  We live with the descrimination.

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    So pocoloco do your other personalities help find better moves if not try firing them i doubt the courts would allow you to sue yourself for unfair dismissal.

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    poco plays cautiously, positionally, Indian type games.  loco plays wild--Grobs attack, sacs rooks and queens on a whim.  It's tough when they both work the same game.

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