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7 mai 2023
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Hello! 🤗

We've established a club called the Union of Chess Masters, and we'd love for you to become a part of our growing community! Your reputation as a kind, nice, and skilled chess player has caught our attention, and we believe your presence would be a valuable addition to our club! 😇

Every member holds a special place in our hearts, and we're committed to creating an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all. 😄 Our club offers a variety of exciting features, including numerous tournaments that promise both fun and the chance to earn medals and possibly membership on special occasions! 💎

Over the past months since our club was formed, we've already welcomed over 2,300+ members (with a goal of reaching 2,500) and hosted a plethora of engaging events such as Tournaments, Vote Chess, and Team Matches where we can get up to 100 people joining without reminding them. We are mainly about Vote Chess, as we have organized leaders and are closing in on top 500 WORLDWIDE.🥳 Additionally, we regularly hold admin giveaways, providing our members with even more reasons to join the fun.

If this piques your interest, we invite you to click on the following link: Union Of Chess Masters and hit that ‘Join’ button!

Looking forward to having you on board!

Written by: @Scemer (Co-Owner)

Owner: @William1109 

We also allow advertising as long as you ask our club owner @William1109 for that! 

We also have many titled players, moderators, streamers, and top gifters that have already joined! So far we have united 9 National Masters, @doublesik, @HighPlain, @SlimNico, @ATM622, @CedrHask, @aglipay8oberio, @Blitz, @Scott-fox21 ,@Romkachess,  and @DraningWaterHi. We have 7 FIDE Masters, such as @rychessmaster1, @TanitoluwaAps116, @mmDarko, @ENEASZ, @chuddog, @spaski2004, and @Magila31, we have have some Candidate Masters, like @EsooQ, @Witty_Alien, @Mistmastex, @Oreonly, @dinosaurio_1975, and @Chesstar, and last but not least, some International Masters on the verge to getting the highest level in chess, Grandmaster @Witaliss, @MrChampion_Coach and a Woman International Master  @Vitachess79

We have Top Gifter @DaDoom who was Top gifter #48, @PianoJames a mod, and some Chess.com community streamers such as @Scemer, @Kayden_Potter, and @ChesStar

What's special about this club? 

  • We host many tournaments
  • We have Vote Chess
  • We have Team Matches
  • We have many giveaways every week(Sometimes Ownership giveaways.)
  • We have fun conversations, forums, and announcements
  • We have a nice, relaxing, and growing community



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Tips for starting a club https://www.chess.com/club/clubs-support

Thank you! And help us get to 2500 members!



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