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Quotes that will be remembered:

"Spanish or vanish. French or the trench. Japanese or broken knees. Kore-een or never be seen, Finnish or be finished, Dutch or the crutch, Greek or your teeth, Italian or the battalion, German you vermin, Czech or your neck." - © 2024 @Scemer.

"Finish your assignments before they finish you. 🗿" - @Scemer

"Pass your class before you pass away" - @Scemer

"Don't check your history or you'll become history 💀" - @Scemer

@SpaceStarzs "A disability is a new ability. A new Asian dad is newer types of weapons."  

"Roses are red, Violets are blue faces like yours belong in a Zoo but don't worry I'll be there too, just not in a cage but laughing at you, imma sent to @AngelaPlayzChess, UwU" - @ChristianMariam 

''Meaningless  thoughts leads to meaningless decisions and meaningless decisions leads to unfortunate consequences'' - @DR_Jokerstein

"@Admiral_ChessBeard's Avatar has a voided sign with a Sussy Fox in the background, representing that the Sussy Fox has been canceled by its family. 💀" - @Scemer

"As a Legend, I understand that's a Rickroll. 😼' - @Scemer

"Disable my Phone, and I'll disable you" - @Scemer

"Today has been wild. I literally saw somebody complaining that their donut has a hole in it." ~ @Caleb341

"Love hurts more than it heals..." - @AngelaPlayzChess

★ Friends List:


  1. @BestBubble7 (She's a very good and funny friend to talk to. Do friend her! 😄 She's very kind. grin.png)
  2. @Rayees (Rayees is an amazingly kind person who will try his best to get along with anyone. He cares for everyone and is an exceptional club Owner! Do friend and follow him, don't forget to join his club and have fun! 😊) 
  3. @Caleb341 (He's an extraordinary club manager and friend and I think we work excellent together. He's one of my closest friend in Join his amazing club! 😍: Vs. ChessKid
  4. @AngelaPlayzChess (A very nice and kind friend! She has trust issues, so please, don't make her angry, do read her rules. But if you earn her trust, you can be really good friends, believe me. 😄)
  5. @BlakHaze (A friendly person who always has my back. He's an amazing club manager. 😍 Friend him! 🙂)
  6. @Dr_Jokerstein (A good club Admin and a kind friend as well! grin.png)
  7. @ProfiMath (A very helpful and kind friend!)

Good friends:

  1. @GingerBread_Wriggle (A very nice person, truly. He's a kind Gingerbread who just want to talk and not get eaten. Friend him now. grin.png )
  2. @Melania_23 (One of the nicest people I met! She loves to talk and make friends. Friend and follow her and become her good friend. 🙂)
  3. @Kitora (A kind person who's a great club manager and a good friend! Friend him happy.png )
  4. @1stPrize (One of the first people I met on! He's a nice person and he likes to talk. Friend him!)
  5. @AutisticChildd (Call her Ozzy, she's very nice but shy, do friend her and talk to her. happy.png )
  6. @Ehm42 (One of my good friends, he made me SA in his club!)
  7. @TigerChess2022 (The strongest Tiger I ever met! 💪🏽)
  8. @Rafael0310 (An old friend, he's very silly)
  9. @GetRickrolledSoHardLmao (The best Rickroller and a good friend to talk with! 🙂)
  10. @HenryUrbanek (The nicest dog on Don't worry! He doesn't bite. 😉)
  11. @TheLegendaryLamborghini (A nice person)
  12. @ChessyMesssy (A kind friend!)
  13. @ThatDevilCat (His name and BIO may say something different, but he's a nice friend to talk with!)
  14. @SecretKea (Definitely NOT a Kea O_o)
  15. @WILLIAM1109 (The friendly Watermelon! 🍉)
  16. @Anshiv212011 (Another kind friend!)


  1. @Orb, a dedicated person who worked hard on clubs. He closed his account for personal reasons. We all miss him. 😿
  2. @TheLegendaryLamborghini / @MightyChessGuy123 / @TheDragonsDeathBed / @TheRiseOfTheDragon: Yes, he had multiple accounts, and he will always be remembered as a good friend. 😢
  3. @4thPLANETMARS-inactive Violated Fair Play Policy. He's still my friend.