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Live-Tournaments and more LTam
  Please Join our Club THE FASTER WE GROW - THE FASTER EVERYTHING RUNS LIKE CLOCKWORK  Dear friens of Chess , become part of our crew. We love...
Grupo do canal entrar no clube deverá seguir o canal na twitch e ter ao menos 50 partidas jogadas em sua conta.
Official club for members of the Irish Chess Union
Team Noroeste de México
Equipo representativo de los jugadores de los Estados Mexicanos de Baja California, Baja California Sur, Chihuahua, Durango, Sinaloa y Sonora.
La LEGIO I ITALICA, istituita da Nerone nel 66 d.C. ed attiva fino al V secolo, era costituita da reclute nate in Italia, che l'imperatore chiamava...
The Delmarva Chess Club
Welcome to The Delmarva Chess Club! We had been meeting on Wednesday evenings at the MAC Center in Salisbury, MD. Unfortunately, the MAC Center has...
Malaysia Club
Welcome to Malaysia Club. This club is organized for Malaysians. Anyone can enter. I hope you all enjoy this club.Tq
Springer Niedersachsen
Springer Niedersachsen ist ein Regionalverein für die DMM und internationale Wettbewerbe.. Bremer Schachartisten · Schachfreunde Hamburg · Schlesw...
Dubai Chess Club
Dubai Chess and Culture Club was established in 1979 as a part of the UAE Chess Federation and was officially recognized as an independent entity i...
Cat Army
Here is the rules: 1.don’t ban,kick out,or mute  people unintentionally trash talking no spamming 3. No bullying advertising  5. 1...
International Football Discussion
This is International Football Discussion! Here, we talk about football (soccer). We're all football fans here and we follow the game extremely cl...
Squadron Commandos
Greetings    I would like to share with you a unique opportunity that exists among a tightknit core group of "Soldiers" who are actively seeking t...
Royal Pawns
Hello. Everyone is welcome!
ChessHouse Club
Клуб Шахматный дом теперь в! Тут проводятся игровые части онлайн-занятий, а также общие турниры, в которых могут играть все желающие! При...
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Transport Logistic Wanderers
Everyone can take part in this group, especially those chess players that are interested or involved in the Transport service. Drivers, loaders, pi...
Premium Members
Hi everybody! To our team, only premium members, titled players, and staff are admitted. We are a determined and solid team, and you only...
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ChessDojo Verified
Private club for verified members of ChessDojo. To apply, please fill out this form:
Chess Chillers
This is the official club for Charly Sardo Gaming on Facebook Gaming. Join us to take part in tournaments.
GHS Chess Chill Club
Glendora High School Chess & Chill Club
club chess anime
lớp học anime dành cho những bạn nào là fan của anime và có sở thích hay nói chuyện với bạn bè.Ở đó có thể chơi với nhau nói chuyện và kết bạn.Cảm ...
Team Iowa
Folks with roots sunk into the Heartland of America. The homebase of honesty, morals, and scrupples. We are America and what it stands for. Work...
Chess _and_nature
Hello!  Please enter we have to reach 250 in October . 🙏🏻. The club is friendly (sometimes). Here we play chess for votes and and in tournaments.  ...
Passion HQ
Do not try to join unless invited or you are a: Coordinator, Admin Or Super Admin in Passion club.