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The carlsen academy
A club made to discuss where cheating is not allowed under hand to be fired. But above all a club to have fun and compete
Fun Girls and Boys
hey - Fun Girls and Boys
Town of Salem Club
Welcome to the Town of Salem Club!  Feel free to create Town of Salem threads here as well as discussions about other similar forum-based RPGs!  
Team Dominican Republic
Welcome to Team Dominican Republic "TDR Chess Club". This is a  group that represents the Dominican Republic in We are members of The Wo...
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Paradise Chess Club
Relax and play chess in paradise. We play vote chess, daily matches, and other chess activities while taking in the beauty of nature.
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Hope Chinese School Chess Club
A Chess Club for all Hope Chinese School Students
Karishma Chess Club
Hi Kids, This group is only for my students to play tournaments. Any queries should be asked via watsapp message.   Karishma
CYCT Music Club
This club is reserved for all music playing members of the CYCT. We will have musical and Biblical discussions. Don't be hesitant to apply here! Th...
Szkoła szachowa SzachMistrz Kalisz
  SzachMistrzowie łączmy się! zapraszam do mojego klubu szachowego! Powodzenia w drodze do szachowego mistrzostwa! mistrz FIDE Maciej Sroczyński...
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Tato The Forker's Clan
If you are reading this is because you are part of our close group of FORKERS! (or you are a friend of the other guy who talks a lot —NM Robert Ram...
Hii everyone !! There is a saying that "Love & Rose can't be ignored" because it gives us beautiful feeling which we cant get from anyother so...
Team Mongolia
Зуун зууныг өртөөлөн дамжиж дэлхийн дайдыг морин туурайгаараа тамгалсан Монгол туургатан таны энэ өдрийн амар амгаланг айлтгая! This is the grou...
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Training with Josh
Welcome to my club everyone! Family friendly community here, please keep it clean!   Hi everyone, my name is Josh Price! I am a coach, b...
Team Hong Kong
For chessplayers in Hong Kong or who feel a connection with Hong Kong. It represents Hong Kong in the World and Asian Leagues. Members n...
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Team Reunion
La Team Réunion est ouverte à celles et ceux qui veulent représenter l' île de la Réunion sur On n'a pas d'autres ambitions que de nous ...
Duck Waddling
do not join if you do not flaunt the holy duck pfp you will be promptly executed and roasted on a spit if you do not duck squabbling will be tole...
1.e4 Lovers
"Best by test...with 1.e4! I win"  –Bobby Fischer 1.e4 has generally been considered a "beginners' opening" – but we are proud to say we put our ...
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The Empire Of Assassins
           "Out of the dark, you come into the light. From the light, you will return to the dark. Are you prepared to travel the eagle's pat...
World Standard Time Control Chess Club 365 Days a year
4000+ members! The purpose of this club is to help become the #1 place on the internet to play long standard time control games. We offer...
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Watford FC
EFL Championship - Hello, we are reinforcing all the lines of play at all levels of our Club and you were chosen, we hope you will join our first d...
SFW - Anarchy Chaos and Chess.
This group is a free and open refuge for misfits, punks, artists, musicians, geeks, freaks, fans of sci fi, pop culture, anything and everything al...
Team Denmark
Team Denmark repræsenterer Danmark her på i World League, Chess960 World League, Live Chess World League, European League samt Live Chess...
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