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514 Android Club
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Fischer chess club Mumbai
Fischer Chess Club Mumbai
Czerwie Czerwika Klub
Zapraszam wszystkich do mojego klubu - będziemy rozgrywali turnieje, dyskutowali i dobrze się bawili! Mój kanał - Grand Prix...
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Alexandra Kosteniuk Fan Club
Follow Alexandra Kosteniuk on her official Twitch-channel:Подписывайтесь на личный Твитч-канал Александры Костенюк...
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Scacchi con Gabriel - Il Club
Ciao a tutti cari amici! Sono Gabriel del canale Youtube "Scacchi con Gabriel". Questo Club è aperto a tutti gli iscritti del canale YT ma anche a...
HermanoMenor's friends and Chess Supporters.
This is just a club to have fun and chill out. (Updating soon since I am starting a youtube channel soon.)
¡Somos el equipo Gamblers! unite a nosotras para poder jugar torneos e informarte de todas nuestras actividades
Chess University - Iraq
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Iraq who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize and...
Cờ Vua Tv - Đụng là đi
Cách để được duyệt tham gia câu lạc bộ: Bước 1: Bấm "Tham gia" câu lạc bộ. Bước 2: Sau khi bấm tham gia, các bạn vào bài ghim trong group fb và bìn...
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Chess Corner
Chess Corner is an International chess club with members all over the world.  We share online chess in all forms: Daily chess, chess 960, live che...
Hi! We invite you to join: "The Power of Chess" We have been #1 of both the Vote Chess and Team Chess leaderboards. Currently we are working to reg...
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Team Italia DOC
 Team Italia DOC è il club italiano più attivo su  Organizza numerosi tornei interni divertenti ed impegnativi, cui possono partecipare...
Chess University - Ethiopia
Chess University Affiliate Club for residents of Ethiopia who wish to improve at chess. This club serves to help the local chess community organize...
Official Spamming Club
Only People From (ADMINS SUPERIOR) can join. Don't try to join if you are not in the club.
Team Iraq
تحية طيبة نرحب بجميع الراغبين للإنضمام لفريق العراق للشطرنج بصرف النظر عن إنتماءاتهم الدينية أو القومية. الكل هنا أصدقاء والحديث يسوده جو الود والإ...
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Fédération Tahitienne des échecs
Maeva ! Nous représentons la Polynésie Française sur Tu veux jouer pour la Polynésie Française ! Deviens un seahorse ou une seahorse !...
Magnus Carlsen VIP Lounge
welcome to VIP Lounge    This Club: "VIP Lounge" will pay off in spades when you are able to recognize your opponent’s trap and avoid it before...
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Et facere et pati fortia romanum est. È da romano compiere e patire cose forti. It is roman to accomplish and suffer strong things.   Entra a far...
Brawl Stars Fan Club Leadership
This is a private club for the members in leadership in The Brawl Stars Fan Club FOR LEADERSHIP ONLY!!! If you are in Leadership, but not in this...
Klub dla Szachistek i Szachistów
Wolverhampton Wanderers FC
Premier League - Hello, we are reinforcing all the lines of play at all levels of our Club and you were chosen, we hope you will join our first div...
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Team Ireland
This is the group representing Ireland in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in World League match play....