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The Kiwi Online Chess Club
The Kiwi Online Chess Club - open to all Kiwis Find us on Facebook
Club of Custom Chess Players and Creators
The set of rules and descriptions for this club is divided into four articles below. Article I: This is a club for people who want to play chess g...
Este é o grupo Moçambique no Todos membros Moçambicanos em qualquer lugar no Mundo são bem vindos ao grupo.   Juntos formaremos uma te...
Клуб имени Михаила Чигорина. Club names Mikhail Chigorin
Никогда не было мастера, который в такой мере сочетал бы в себе искусство атаки и защиты, как Чигорин (Гарри Пильсбери)
Romeo and Juliet
Hi! Your personal invitation to join our group, Romeo and Juliet! It would be an honour and a pleasure for us if you join our amazing group! Pla...
Alabama Chess
The Alabama Chess group is open to Alabama chess enthusiasts, specifically residents, or those with a connection to living in the State.  Please fe...
Partidas Inmortales - Youtube
Un club formado por el youtuber del canal "Partidas Inmortales de Ajedrez", y donde participan sus suscriptores. Si aún no te has suscrito al canal...
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Punk Rock Chess Players
People who listen to old and new school punk, who also play chess (obviously if you're here on
Join in and play.....LUMINOUS CHESS CLUB Welcome to our group 😊     ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐
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Team Ecuador
Please join to represent Ecuador in the World League! Unanse a representar el Ecuador de la liga del mundo!
Team Michigan
Team Michigan exists as the official state team in the US Team Chess League to compete in league daily matches here on As a competitive...
Exton Chess Club
Exton Chess Club is a USCF affiliated club in PA serving chess lovers in and around 20 miles of Exton, WestChester, Downingtown, Malvern, chestersp...
Uruguay Open
Liga de jugadores uruguayos auspiciada por la Federación Uruguaya de Ajedrez. 1) Todos los jugadores de Uruguay Open que representen a Uruguay tie...
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Velocity Chess
Welcome to Velocity Chess for the students of chess! Rapid, Blitz and Bullet tournament organisers. Online Arena of Fast Chess. (All applicati...
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Chess Club Batch 2022
About: Hosting Live Tournaments, Weekly Saturday Arenas, Daily Matches and Vote Chess Matches and More!, CLICK join now     Currently #152 In V...
Canada Chess Youth Club     CCYC
CCYC-Canada Chess Youth Club was built in 2016 and become the largest chess training institutions in Canada. We provide multiple choices for the ch...
Nickolay and Friends
(Nickolay's friends only.) Hello and welcome to this new and amazing club! Why should you join this club? Here are some main reasons below: we h...
The Philosophers
Commovent homines non res, sed de rebus opiniones. 2021-05-28   Caelum non animum mutant, qui trans mare currunt. 2021-05-09
Team Captains
Hi there, welcome to our club! We have wonderful activities for you to do here! Wanna play? Everyone is ready for you! Please join our club! An...
Official Embassy of Mars
For those who are tired of Earthly squabbles and dramas, for those who are looking for the vast expanses of space and freedom, our club offers a co...
Team Iceland
This group is for icelandic players. A target for this group is also to representing Iceland in the Live Chess World League, World League and Euro...
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Ambassadors of Chess
Hello, please join Ambassadors of Chess Club. We play Daily Matches and Vote Chess games. monophy  
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Centre Squares Chess Academy
Centre Squares Chess Academy Gurgaon
Advance Chess Academy
Hi everyone our club is for fun and enjoy and we are indebted to our members and their opinion we are conducting many matches against strong teams ...