Hello! I don’t really like to share personal advice, so I won’t do that. I love to play chess, and I consider myself average. (I consider myself pro at tilting, though.) I’m trying to get my 1300 bullet back as I have tilted twice in bullet. I usually do rapid now, but I’m open for a challenge as long as it isn’t random or you aren’t my friend! My favorite quote is “There are two types of sacrifices, correct and mine.”  By Mikhai Tail. I like it because I’m a person that likes humor, a lot. On occasion, I will make jokes from time to time on, but usually I like to use correct grammar because it just looks unsatisfactory with a comma at the end of your sentences. If we talk about clubs, I’m not the type of person that begs for a role. I’m more of a chit-chat guy, and if I get promoted, so be it. I have joined many clubs but I probably won’t be joining many more clubs due to the fact that I hate having 25 “your moves” in daily. It’s just so boring and annoying. I also might stop joining daily tourneys because of this. I prefer live tourneys, but I don’t really play them unless there is a specific reason or I just want to win, or, if I think I could have a shot at winning it. (Newsflash: I have only won one real live chess tourney on the website.) I’m usually much more serious when I am an admin in a club, but it depends the amount of people are in it. Anyways… 

Goals: 1200 Rapid by end of year.

1400 bullet by end of the year. ☑️

1100 blitz by end of the year.

Thats my so-far life in! Also if you want to friend me here. My alt is @SAO-2.


@Admirl_Scythe- We started playing against each other, and then boom! We’re friends. Top #1. His alt is @d0m1nator.

#2@ThisInnocentPlayer2008-We play a lot, and we have fun. Sometimes, debates get heated though.

#3-@JMaudremari- We like each other a lot. He has lots of clubs that you should join.

#4-@GMchessminator- Sometimes he’s cool, and sometimes he’s not. His alt got banned for not being verified.

#5-@Scemer- Very good club-taker! However I’m not really that much interested in him as much as these people up there.

@Dcorreale #1-A He’s my dad. What else to say?