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European Lions

  • Europe International 
  • Formed: Sep 27, 2011
  • A small team for all players from Europe and for anyone who has something with Europe or (one of its) players. We will only play teammatches at first and only with small teams, so your results will really count for something! We have one titled player at the moment. Registration is open until we have 30 members, after that registration is only open on invite and for very strong players.

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  • It seems like this is a nice group :) I'm glad I found this group

    by Br0wNiEs 14 months ago

  • If no one else is going to join this match in the next 24 hrs I will have to cancel-----

    by grover-dill 4 years ago

  • looking for 1 player (1800 +) in this match :

    by hynder 4 years ago

  • Hi all you European Lions, we are waiting for your team for match If you don't get your players we'll have to cancel the match.

    by SafariQueen 4 years ago

  • Hey, if you could lock vs Quick Moves, that would be nice

    by Pawnpusher3 5 years ago

  • IgyZz welcome!

    by MarkvanEssen 5 years ago

  • Suvela welcome

    by MarkvanEssen 5 years ago

  • hey guys, thanks for accepting the team match. Please join, so we can get started up quickly!

    by Pawnpusher3 5 years ago

  • Dave Antolie welkom!

    by MarkvanEssen 5 years ago

  • hello. thank you for the invitation. all my respect ! Laurentiu

    by lvali40 5 years ago

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