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25 mag 2023
108 eventi giocati

The Official BERSERKERS daily Chess club

We are primarily looking for people who like daily
 chess, vote chess.

We carefully select new members based on specific criteria that include:

Maintaining a timeout rate below 10%
Engaging in fewer than 50 clubs
Showing commitment to Chess.com for a minimum of 12 months
Actively participating in daily games, with a minimum of 10 matches played

We are members of Club Wars League, Knockout Vote Chess League and many more.

Our goal is to create the strong daily chess club

the average rating of our warriors is 1552


we are certainly not here to glorify nor endorse war itself


The most important rule is When participating in a Team match, you must NEVER LOSE BECAUSE OF TIMEOUTS. It is unfair to the rest of us who really want to try and bring some good results in the matches


Berserkir (or berserks / Berserkers) were Norse warriors who are primarily reported in Icelandic literature to have fought in a trance-like fury. These champions would often go into battle without mail-coats. Berserkers are attested to in numerous Old Norse sources.