Play Like Anish Giri

Play Like Anish Giri

Can you find the moves of Super GM and World Championship Candidate Anish Giri?

Anish Giri has been one of the top players in the world for several years and may qualify to challenge Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship next year. Learn from five of Giri's best games so far.

  • How did Giri win his first-ever career game against Magnus Carlsen?
  • Check out Giri's beautiful mating attack against Alexander Morozevich.
  • How did Giri win his first Dutch Championship at only 15 years old?

Play Like Anish Giri: Carlsen vs Giri

It's not often you take down the top player in the world in just 22 moves with the black pieces!
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Play Like Anish Giri: Miedema - Giri

Giri earned the GM title and his first Dutch Championship in 2009. Here's one of the games from that championship against IM Roi David Miedema.
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Play Like Anish Giri: Mamedyarov - Giri

Check out how Giri's principled play led to a swift victory against the always dangerous Super GM, Shakhriyar Mamedyarov.
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Play Like Anish Giri: Giri vs Morozevich

What happens when a solid player like Giri takes on a wild attacker like the great Alexander Morozevich? You get a wonderful attacking game, where Giri can show his own attacking prowess.
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Play Like Anish Giri: Giri vs Bartel

In the 2013 European Club Cup, GM Mateusz Bartel surprised Giri with the rare 1.d4 d5 2.Nf3 a6. Giri reacted with a strong pawn sacrifice.
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Play Like Anish Giri

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Released December 29, 2020
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