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Knowledge will give you power, but character will give you respect.
All chess players are my friends - except the rude and unsportsmanlike ones.

Ridwan Susanto (Chien Ming), 54, m, Indonesia.
Full-time dedicated chess teacher onsite and online for 18 years continuously since year 2006.
I am glad to be your buddy and sherpa that guide on your side in long journey climbing chess mountain.

Bio & services https://tjauwchienming.blogspot.com/2013/12/about-me-my-services-and-analysis.html

My newest service: Daily Course by email


List of all my services:


If 1 of your New Year's resolution is to play more "serious" games at "slow" time controls, there is an opportunity and you find the right community at:

Reference of some students: 4gezam, cap78red, chuckh2, clarinetref, e-rider, fulmarsky, gpetris, ika52, Karpov1A, KevinOSh, padre, Power2Pawns, sdcohle, seldredg, sternter, reykjaviking, woofgang, zenbear101, trichert

Founder & Tournament Director of 90m+30s Club: https://www.chess.com/club/90m-30s 

The club for players at chess.com who would like to practice and feel the atmosphere of the Classical 90m+30s time control game.

Admin at STC Round Robins Club: A dream club for slow time controls players (60m+30s / 90m+30s).

Quad/ Hexad double round robins, everybody plays everybody twice with opposite colors.  


Admin at Dan Heismann Learning Center (DHLC)

https://www.chess.com/club/notes/dan-heisman-learning-center managing Swiss / Arena tourneys.


Feedback from some of my students:

* Really great value, passionate about chess, kind, generous with time, and also analyses your chess games!  I've had lots of chess help and coaching from fhunfi, who is really passionate about chess, and has given so much time to give advice on what I could have done better in any of my chess games. fhunfi's insights on what i might do better for future chess games has been very useful. Yes, these strategic and often 'outside the box' interesting ideas have helped improve my thought process in chess games.
I think playing a slow chess game with fhunfi with post-chess game analysis/discussion is a great way to improve one's chess (fulmar)

* You have been a tremendous help to me in clearing up my endgame concepts and made me much more comfortable in playing these positions. I always fear of endgame but I am confident that with your teachings I'll not be afraid to face them (Power2Pawns)

* Caring, committed, reliable, affordable, generous with time and knowledgeable.
and what I really love about working with you is that you are showing me the "nuts and bolts" of chess....how things actually work....I see all aspects of the game contained in the little bit of endgame study we have done. It's all in there and it relates to all phases of the game, ....strategy, specific knowledge (nuts & bolts), patterns, schematic thinking, thought process, exceptions. I am seeing it all in a new way...and I have a deep feeling this is the correct path to follow and that it does not come quickly, but with true devotion, it comes quicker than you think! PSTL (Patience, Skill, Temperament, Love of the strategic thinking process.....and we cannot forget our little all-important friend tagging along....DISCIPLINE!!! (4gezam)

Thanks, my Sherpa!  I am glad to call you Sherpa.
Sherpa is a member of a Himalayan people who are skilled mountain climbers and who are often employed to help people climb the mountain - This is associated with your skill as chess mentor.  (4gezam)

* I have taken lessons from fhunfi for several months and I concur with what many have said in the thread. He is very passionate about chess and is always ready to share his insight about the games that I have played in the 90+30 tournaments that he organizes. His lessons are well-planned, with the main points of each lesson clearly explained and illustrated through model games. I highly recommend him if you want to deepen your understanding of the game! (gpetris)

* Chess is difficult. Travel with someone who knows the way. After all, it's not where you go, it's who you travel with.
I like chess more than I ever have and when I do spend some time on it (studying & playing), it gives me such joy!" (chuckh2)

* You've been incredibly helpful in developing me into a stronger player and I love the way you talk about the game. You have something special and are passing that on to your students. I hope to continue lessons as long as you'll allow me to. I learn something substantial every week (ZenBear101)

* fhunfi has helped me a lot with lessons, comments on my games, and sharing games of his that are relevant to what I'm working on. I also really appreciate the slow-time control tournaments he has been organizing (Reykjaviking)


Offer for anyone who want to practice 90m30s/ 60m30s/45m45s/45m30s:


** Feedback from some of my trainee/ sparring partners:

* I've had the pleasure of playing fhunfi multiple times, and I can only speak highly of him. He's a true gentleman and this quality is mirrored in his approach to chess. I would characterize him as the kind of player who chooses to capitalize on errors through positional play. I strongly recommend getting involved in a game with him for an insightful experience that reflects both skill and sportsmanship (VeganAli)

* I have played fhunfi a few times at slow time controls and always learned something from the post game analysis he provided. Highly recommended! (trogers41)

* Chien has wonderful postgame analysis to share. Highly recommend playing practice games with him! (Karpov1A)

* Thanks to fhunfi for our session this afternoon! We played a Ruy Lopez game and discussed each move in detail afterwards and I was blown away by how much new stuff I learned. We went into all the intricacies of how different moves works and it was honestly like seeing color after only having black and white vision. Thanks again. (piedraven)

* I have known Chien for a few years now, and he is always a positive and patient person to interact with. You can tell he truly loves the game and is always willing to help you get better. He is also excellent at organizing leagues and communicates well with everyone. If you can reach out to him for lessons, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! (garyTD)

* Thank you Chien for organizing the online tournaments. I enjoyed our game immensely, and also really enjoyed the analysis afterward. You are such a pleasant and positive person. Thank you for all your efforts. It's great that you are a teacher too....giving back to the community. I recommend you highly (RookCrookRook)

* All of our games and post-game discussion are always interesting - You are a scholar and true gentlemen. (bshoot)

* I enjoy playing and reviewing games with Chien. His play is interesting and his discussion is very thoughtful 
Thank you so much for all the energy you put into helping other chess players! (MellowOatmeal)

* I've played a couple slow games with fhunfi, and really enjoyed our conversation and analysis (including use of the classroom feature) afterward. One comment he made helped me see a bad habit that I've had for years but never appreciated.
Chess, like life, is best enjoyed with reflection and friends! Thanks! (Withano)

* I've played some practice games with fhunfi and I found them useful and rewarding. I've enjoyed the post-analysis of our games. He has a lot of passion for this game, and anyone who wants to get some experience under their belt with playing slower chess to substantially improve their chess game should hit him up for a practice game (e_rider)

* fhunfi is a very strong player, and he is very instructive. I enjoyed my game with him a lot and learned more from it than from most, if not all, of the other games I have played, despite the large difference in rating! (AndrewM-L)

* fhunfi does the best training for club players out there. none of this (here are 40 puzzles a week to try like some other trainers, No).  He spends time to learn attack and defense in various openings based around certain themes or plans which you can spend your own time preparing for. Motivation to learn themed openings creates a lot of expert skill and he is a strong enough player to test all openings. I am a legit student of his and i heartily recommend you try him out (cap78red)