Interactive Q & A Daily Course by email


For recent past few months, I develop Daily Course by email.

mainly for those who can't afford to pay weekly regular lesson via live session (skype/ chess com classroom feature).

It run successfully and they find it very helpful.

How it works?

It is an email-based course, on daily base, where typically I will give you a position (or discussing a whole game move by move / scene by scene) and asks you to think about the plans and the best moves. When you can't see the correct answers, I will email you back with a hint, or if I find the correct answer then I will proceed to the next question on the position.

From the daily course you will be learning a mix of middlegame strategy and positional understanding. In some case this will also relate to Endgame and specific openings but usually it is applicable to a wide variety of different openings.  This is not the usual Tactic/ Puzzle test that you can find & practice easily from many sources by your own.

To finish discussing 1 Test, often it will take 4 - 5 email reply back and forth / question & answers from 1 scene to next. as we are discussing your answer.

And instead of giving all solution at once, I will always give small hint each time if needed ... with purpose that you will find answer finally by yourself aka using Socrates method - I will stimulate your thought process so that you will find the answer yourself with my minimum hint.

After Test-1 finished, then I will send you next test, and so on.

You will just need 5 - 10 min / max 15 minutes daily for thinking of solution.

and you don't even need to do it / reply the test every day if you are busy on any particular day- the speed it at your control - as soon as you replied the test, then I will promptly respond back & so on.

The motto is: Every day is small steps of improving.

There is very affordable monthly small fee for this service. You can give it try for a month, and only if you feel like it & find it useful, then you can think to pay for the service at the end of the month. You have nothing to lose as there is no obligation to pay the service at first month if you don't find it helpful. I will even not mind if you can only afford less than normal fee, as long as you show some passion & diligence.

Please DM me for more detail.

Some reviews:

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Kind Regards and happy to serve the classical chess community.


Chien (fhunfi) is really great value, passionate about chess, kind, and generous with time.

Even if you don't become student, he would be happy to be your friend for chess learning journey. Also, Chien always replies to my chess emails promptly, so it feels like having a chess buddy accompanying on this chess journey.


Thanks, @fulmarsky

Today we just learn the application in real game.

of this beautiful quote below by Stanley Kubrick (famous America movie director that also strong chess enthusiast):

“Chess teaches you how to control the excitement that you feel when you see something that looks very good. It teaches you to think before you act, and to think with the same objectivity when you are in trouble”.


Following up on my review on 7th January, I can make a few further points.

As a regular weekly student of Chien, he is kindly providing the daily course to me for free.

I often play daily chess games on and have developed a habit of moving pieces around before making a final decision on which move I think is best. This is useful for playing good moves in daily games, but a bad habit for improving at live chess games.

On each exercise he asks me, as a first step, to visualize all of the moves based on the diagrammed position, as if I were playing a real game.

When I first started this about 3 months ago, I started to struggle after about 4 or 5 ply. I was not sure if I was imagining the pieces on the correct squares or not. Recently, I realized that I can now do much better at this, There was an endgame position where I was able to correctly calculate up to about 25 ply and then say which side wins. It came as a surprise to me because I had not seen the very gradual improvement I was making each day as I practiced visualizing positions. I still have a way to go before visualization goes from being a weakness to a strength of mine, but I can say that the daily course is helping me move in the right direction.

After the visualization phase, I put the pieces on a real board and move them around. This usually reveals some new insights into the position and I get some new ideas which I email back to Chien. He will then reply letting me know what I got right or give me a hint if I am going in the wrong direction.

Finally, once I have a general idea about how to win (or draw) a position, I play it out against a strong engine. On the site I have managed to beat many of the Super GM bots starting from the supplied positions. In some cases I can win first time, and in others the bots has dozens of ideas I had never considered and it takes many tries until I can succeed, but always with help from my coach, I can get there.

I run the Bookworm Club here on, I always enjoy reading chess books, and there are many useful books, but all of the things I mentioned above are things I have never gotten out of reading a book. A book is just a monologue and can never provide feedback on how you are doing. For that you need to have a coach to help steer you in the right directions.


I am not a regular student of Chien, but we have had much chess communication in the past. He often sends me chess instruction or an analysis of my games at no charge and without me even asking for the information. Chien is the most passionate chess player I have ever known. He runs many tournaments on Liches, and on ICC. I do not know how he keeps them all straight. He is super responsive to email inquiries. I don't know when he sleeps.

He even will work with you if you have limited time and funds. You will not find a better deal than that. I can without question highly recommend Chien if you are looking for a chess coach, playing or training partner, or just someone to review your games or provide chess instruction.


This week we studied a famous Magnus Carlsen game. @fhunfi gave me the starting moves from the game along with annotations, and at move 10 he asked me how white would start an attack if black accepted a gambit?

Then we proceeded to move 12 and he asked me what would happen if white played a different move? In short analyzed several different positions from the game including variations that did not but could have happened.

Finally @fhunfi asked me to find the checkmate combination. It seemed impossible, but then, after a small hint I looked again and found a beautiful resource.

After I had found it, he sent me the full game. I had seen the game before, but it was 2 and half years ago. I didn't remember any of the moves or positions from the game, only that the game has been played and I has seen it.

However, I think I will remember it much better from now on, because I have invested the time and effort to really think about the positions and strategies for myself from both sides of the board.

This is not the first game and probably won't be the last game where I will experience this. It is easy to play over someone else's game or watch a video of someone describing a GM game, but the recollection of it later is not very good unless you really invest the time and energy to think through the positions yourself.

It is something that is possible in theory but extremely difficult to do in practice without a coach. There are some questions that you just would never think to ask yourself, something that you would never consider in a million years. It is easy to study games with an engine, and the engine can quickly show you some tactical ideas, but it cannot do a good job of getting you to think about chess strategy.


Thanks for all positive feedback.

Daily Course by email is just 1 of my service to Classical (slow time control) Community.

For list of my other service, the link is:

Kind Regards and happy to serve the classical chess community.