Jun 16, 2018
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Well, well, well... it's been a long time.

Went inactive for a couple years, just came back and somehow am better at chess than before happy.png

Before you read any further, join this club:

I felt the need to update my profile because most of my best friends from before are gone (@BoboTheFlyingSheep67, @DJM473), miss them very much... No Leon, I do not miss you. Perhaps I should mention my.... other friend at this point, @Leon_Likes_Chess. We're in an eternal troll war (one that I'm winning btw)... Won the race to 1700 against him, tricked him into playing the Damiano Defense, and generally beat him in blitz a lot. Did you know that he went from being 250 rating points above me to 100 below me in just one week? Heh heh heh.

I mostly play blitz, ignore my 1800 rapid rating because that comes from 6 games xD... I sometimes like to sac and attack like crazy (and lose), and sometimes play a slow positional style (it's not fun but it's much more effective). Here's a couple of my favorite games that illustrate this. 1st, the immortal game where I tricked Leon:

2nd, a daily game that I won against @Michael-Holm, who is much much stronger than me happy.png

I can play some great games, but it's much more likely that I'll blunder and lose going for the immortal game...

There is a big difference between the way beginner/intermediate players and experts win games. Just about every game under 2000 is decided by blunders - the only differences are how difficult the tactic was to spot, and what it drops. (For example, the 800 player leaves his queen en prise while the 1900 player misses a combination leading to a pin that allows the opponent's rooks to get on the 7th file.) Expert games, on the other hand, are usually decided by positional mistakes that often have nothing to do with the tactic itself. The tactics that win come about not because the opponent didn't see them coming (unless they are truly deep), but because there's no way to stop them from coming. My eventual goal is to be able to break through this barrier and be able to win games consistently in ways other than taking advantage of blunders. I have gotten some glimpses of this, though, and have even played a couple games in which this was the case. When positional strength and tactical knowledge are combined, the results can be surprisingly impressive...

You might see me on the forums, I post a fair amount because I just can't go a day without arguing with someone! Unless you're Leon. Then you've got nothing to argue about. Did you know that he once mouseslipped, but when I offered him a draw, he declined and said "No I think I'm better?" Btw, in case you were wondering, his position was totally lost xD

Here's another trap I got Leon with wink.png

And here's one where Leon blundered in the opening... when will he learn that he's gotta learn more lines in this?

And here's yet another game that I destroyed Leon in... seriously, he's got to either pick a new opening or get good at this one!

I'm gonna stop for now because if I don't then Leon's probably going to be angry... only there isn't much he can do about it, given how bad he is and all!