on Facebook!? on Facebook!?

May 26, 2008, 11:42 AM 19,108 Reads 29 Comments Misc

Love chess? Love Facebook? Well, has finally fully arrived on Facebook! Today we launched our new Facebook Chess app. We had the most popular chess app on Facebook already that was originally built by Jamie Holding, but we decided to bring even more features to the app and bring the development in-house.

If you are on Facebook you might want to check it out:

Play on Facebook

Keep in mind that it only has a small fraction of the the features found on, but it's really cool to be able to play with your buddies who are on Facebook and won't necessarily want to become members.  Some people ask if we can have it so that you can play games interchangably on and Facebook. The short answer is NO - it is technically nearly impossible at this time :) Sorry! If you play on both, they are separate.

For those of you who want to just keep playing chess here on but want to help support, become a fan on Facebook! 

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Thanks again for all of your support. We're working hard to bring a great chess experience to as many people around the world as we can.

- The Team 


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