Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition - The Art of Extending a Franchise

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  • on 12/3/07, 3:56 PM.

It’s hard to name something “11th Edition” and have people get excited about it. The first 5 editions are pretty straightforward, then the 6th is fine because you have to get to the 7th which is a magic number, but then the 8th and 9th are tough but worth it because then you get to launch the magical 10th edition!! But once you have passed 10 you have to give up numerical editions. That is all there is to it. And with that we have Chessmaster: Grandmaster Edition. (Maybe next version will be the Presidential Edition? Or World Leader Edition?)All joking aside, I was excited to rip into the new copy of Chessmaster for the PC that arrived on my porch a mere 2 weeks late. My first copy of Chessmaster was Chessmaster 4000 and I was a wee tyke back then who played the ever-so-sneaky move 1. h4!!. I have subsequently owned 7000, 8000, 9000, and the hallowed 10th edition.


After loading the game, putting in my name, age, and chess experience I was presented with a cute simple menu of LEARN, PLAY or FUN. I immediately ignored FUN because chess is about winning, not having fun. Ok, I’m kind of kidding. I loaded up the FUN section and there are 4 sub-sections: PLAY, PUZZLE, MINI GAMES, and LEARN BASICS.


I clicked on the PLAY link in the FUN section and it immediately loaded a board with animated bunnies on a grassy board. Some bunnies were sitting on toilets and holding plungers and making gurgling noises. I immediately regretted having clicked on that link. I tolerated that for about 11 seconds while I realized I was playing a version of chess aimed at the group of toilet-loving bunny aliens who live among us masquerading as humans.


I next ended up at the PUZZLE section of FUN. There I was able to do some very basic puzzles around simple themes that are helpful for beginners. Cool enough.


Next I went to MINI GAMES. I saw fruit on the chessboard and left immediately for the LEARN BASICS section. The LEARN BASICS section is really cool for those who are starting out or want to take their chess “to the next level” (one of my favorite clichés). You can go over the rules in the tutorials section, do drills on basic principles, or listen to a mid-puberty version of Josh Waitzkin recount some of his games live. I am pretty darn sure I have heard these games before from him on a previous version, but it was really fun to listen to them again. It is rare to get inside the mind of great players like Josh.


After I had all the “FUN” I could stand I went to the LEARN section where I could choose from ACADEMY, FAMOUS GAMES, DATABASE, and OPENINGS. I headed off to the ACADEMY where you can learn from Josh Waitzkin, Larry Christiansen, or Chessmaster Series (meaning: some nameless master who doesn’t get credit). Basically in the ACADEMY you get hundreds of tutorials that walk you through all facets of the game from beginning to expert concepts. It is truly dizzying how much content is in there. Sure, most of it is available in previous editions, but if you have never seen Chessmaster then you will be blown away by how much is there. The FAMOUS GAMES is exactly what is says: a few hundreds unannotated great games that you can replay if you like doing that kind of thing (I’ll admit – I am a chess fanatic and played through a dozen of them J ).


The DATABASE has about 800,000 games in it and is a very powerful tool for the >.01% of the people in the world who actually would benefit from a chess games database. (The total number of people in the world who will use this database and who do not already have another chess database program is exactly 34.) Still, at $30 this is an amazing deal. I heartily recommend you jump in and learn to use a chess database! Next is OPENINGS, and once again, if you know how to use a chess openings trainer then you probably won’t use Chessmaster, but for those of you just getting into chess this is an amazing feature. You can train, build your own opening repertoire, and basically explore a decent slice of known chess theory. That said, openings are NOT the place where developing players should be spending that much time, so don’t get carried away in there.


Ok. Enough “fun” and learning, let me PLAY! The PLAY section looks pretty darn similar to past versions of Chessmaster, with the added enhancement of advertising for fancy chess pieces from the House of Staunton! Sweet!! (This actually doesn’t bother me because I like House of Staunton pieces a ton – they are beautiful.) PLAY actually offers a ton of playing options. Whether you want to play the revamped Chessmaster engine, against other people online, or with friends on a LAN (has anyone really ever done that?), you can find it here.


I started with a quick game against Josh Waitzkin when he was 8 years old. He immediately traded his bishops for my knights and I proceeded to crush him in a closed Sicilian using the bishop pair. The only thing missing from this experience was an actual video of eight-year-old Josh crying at the end of the game. I would have paid a lot of money to see that.




Overall I think Chessmaster is an AMAZINGLY good deal at $29 for the PC version. The total number of features is stunning. Sure, some of them are repackaged from the previous 10 versions, but there is some cool new stuff as well. The big news was that they did a release for the Nintendo DS which I would have liked to have reviewed, but I am over the age of 12.


If you don’t own any chess software and you want to get in the game, BUY THIS. It is a no-brainer. If you already own the 10th edition, then I say buy it anyway unless you have to choose between food and new chess software.



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  • 5 years ago


    I have this game, and I am blown away by it. I'll be using it to improve my chess games :D


    I reccomend this to everybody, no matter their chess level

  • 7 years ago


  • 7 years ago


    i just bought it. it's a great value. i downloaded it from ubi soft for 19.99. for my level of player it's good.


  • 7 years ago


    A fantastic chess software, is's a must have, I tell ya!

  • 8 years ago


    The game looks so nice if only i could have it.

  • 8 years ago


    Chessmaster slowed down my computer!

  • 9 years ago


    As a teacher who sponsors the school chess club, CMX is outstanding.  You can copy and paste board positions to power point and use the slide show to develop basic or intermediate chess concepts.  The classic games are great for this.  Even though the instructional sections of CMX are excellent, this allows you to fit the level of instruction directly to the student.
  • 9 years ago


  • 9 years ago


    My ChessMaster (10th edition) frequently crashes and I've hardly used it as a result.  I much prefer Fritz which has never given me any problems in that regard.
  • 9 years ago


    I thank you all for your comments.  I have CM8, and now I'll be hunting the bargin shelves for CMX.  Thx again.



  • 9 years ago


  • 9 years ago


    Playing Fritz, or Chessmaster, at full strength only leads to frustration.

    As likeforests points out above, a computer can theoretically provide better instruction than a human opponent. You can work on openings, only on the endgame, etc. You can consult books during the game so you can learn something instead of just blundering around.

  • 9 years ago


    "Everyone just need to toughen up and get Fritz. If you want to play weakies, play some online chess."


    That's just silly. Chessmaster 11 is ELO 2773 which is strong enough to defeat most GMs. Granted, a super-GM might win... the real charm of Chessmaster is that it has many personalities you can play--you can choose from tacticians, stratgegists, unorthodox players, players who prefer bishops or knights, etc and they all lead to very different games. Their advantage over a human is that they will play at whatever time control you want, whenever you want, in any opening line that you want and they're consistent. A quick tip: personalities with Randomness=0 won't blunder pieces in silly ways.


    "If you need tutorials, learn from GMs and World Champions, instead of retired IM's."


    And I don't buy this either, I think anyone rated 400 points above you has much to teach you, and the bigger question is who has better soft skills like a sense of humor, motivation, and good communication skills. For example, I prefer NM Heisman's book on tactics over some by GMs because he spent time looking at the mistakes average players made when creating his book. I'm confident the Josh who made the Psychology of Competition still had the skill to defeat most experts.


    I think Chessmaster is a fine first piece of chess software to purchase. Which version to buy is a much harder question, as ChessDweeb explained.

  • 9 years ago


    Everyone just need to toughen up and get Fritz ; p

    If you want to play weakies, play some online chess. If you need tutorials, learn from GMs and World Champions, instead of retired IM's.

    Then there is Fritz and chesster for the kids or unashamed newbies.



  • 9 years ago


    It's only $25 at, a good value just for the tutorials if you're a beginning-intermediate player.

    When I started using this program, I immediately noticed a very annoying bug, your CPU (only one of them if you have a multi-core processor) immediately shoots up to 100% when you start the program and it stays there. This is NOT the chess engine thinking, this is an interface bug which can be a problem on some PCs, and will make your laptop unnecessarily hot and battery hungry. This very same bug was carried over from CM1000, which is incredibly pathetic, they release a new game and don't even bother to fix known bugs from the previous version.

  • 9 years ago


    Can anyone tell me if CM9000 will run on Vista?  What about CMX?  Thanks.
  • 9 years ago


    ChessDweeb hit the nail on the head.  10th was much better than 9000.  Grandmaster is the 10th on a DVD rather than 2CDs, plus some new paint, and loads of marketing. 

    Save your dough (or at least half of it and get 10th).

    I have more comments on the recycled content in another forum titled "New Chessmaster or Where's your shirt Josh?"

    I invite you all to peruse them.

  • 9 years ago


    "That's the key addition. The Art of Learning section consists of 14 games annotated by Josh Waitzkin. He asks what move you would make, then explains wy different moves would have been better or worse than what was actually played in the game. CMXI also has a stronger chess engine and more games in the database."

     That's my point. I can get tons of free databases from the internet already annotated. I can't beat the old engine anyways. I didn't need 14 more games from Josh where he was touting his book. For me personally, I should have stayed with my 10th ed. BUT: I would recommend Chessmaster (any version) to everybody. I still love my CMX regardless. I just thought I would have gotten more bells and whistles.

  • 9 years ago


  • 9 years ago


    Phillip_626:  don't get an athlon processor??

    just a thought.

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