Adopt-A-Danny Returns Monday With Anish Giri

Adopt-A-Danny Returns Monday With Anish Giri

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The beloved series Adopt-A-Danny returns with its third father-to-be, GM Anish Giri this Monday, May 18 at 9 a.m. Pacific time / 18:00 Central Europe on

The show's second guest, world number-eight GM Wesley So, adopted Danny in both the 5+1 and 1+1 segments to become the first to double-adopt the self-proclaimed Super IM in April. He joined GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, who signed the adoption papers in the first edition of the series, resulting in this hilariously disturbing photoshop effort:

Adopt-A-Danny Wesley So Maxime Vachier-Lagrave
This mastery comes courtesy of Twitter user John Nissemboim.

Giri is currently the 10th-highest rated player in the world. Aside from his chess exploits, he is well-known for his sometimes cryptic trash talk on Twitter.

He recently participated in the FIDE Online Nations Cup and is also taking part in the now-postponed Candidates Tournament along with Vachier-Lagrave, which features the top players in the world dueling to determine who will challenge GM Magnus Carlsen for the World Chess Championship.

IM Danny Rensch will be looking to avoid "adoption" (losing in 10 consecutive games) against strong grandmasters across three different blitz and bullet time controls. In the Adopt-A-Danny debut, Rensch was able to withstand Vachier-Lagrave's pressure in the first two time controls, before succumbing to adoption in the bullet portion. He subsequently went down twice without much of a fight at the hands of So in the second edition.

Sunday's event will offer the Dutch grandmaster three opportunities to adopt Rensch, though just like in the Speed Chess Championship, Giri will have to race against the clock.

  • Segment 1: 60 minutes in 5|0 blitz 
  • Segment 2: 45 minutes in 3|0 blitz 
  • Segment 3: 30 minutes in 1|0 bullet

As an interesting twist on this format, ongoing adoption streaks can only be ended with a Danny win or draw. He cannot be saved by the time running out in the segment. 

Giri will earn $300 for each successful adoption, totaling a possible $900 across the three segments. Following the three segments, Adopt-A-Danny will conclude with a best-of-three, blindfold 3|0 blitz match, with an additional $100 prize for the winner.

Giri will also earn half of all "bits" donated on Twitch throughout the show, with the other half donated to a charity of his choice.

The typically upbeat Rensch seemed despondent in his chances: "I already have two dads in Maxime and Wesley, why not make it three men and a baby with Anish?"

Danny Rensch Adopt a Danny
Can Danny successfully stop an adoption in any time control on Sunday?

Giri is no stranger to playing in big moments on The 25-year-old grandmaster is a regular participant in's Titled Tuesdays, as well as being a mainstay in the Speed Chess Championship and playing in the PRO Chess League with the Canada Chessbrahs on a consistent basis. 

Can Rensch break the string of adoptions and finally find vindication by thwarting Giri with the pressure on?

Come and show your support for So this Monday, May 18 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (18:00 Central Europe) on—and stay tuned for more editions of Adopt-A-Danny coming later this year!

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