Big Release of Features, Bug Fixes, and Upgrades

Big Release of Features, Bug Fixes, and Upgrades

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We've been cranking away on cool new features, bug fixes, and improvements for the last several weeks and we are adding them all to the site today!

Most of the improvements have come from YOUR suggestions and YOUR bug reports!

Below is a list :) Have fun reading it!

Vote Chess

-         No more auto-assign – you must optin

-         You can “quit” a votechess game

-         fixed pagination

-         made voting faster for vs. GM game

-         re-ordered the main votechess page (somebody threatened to boycott if we didn’t hahahaha!)



-         group admins can change their group name

-         fixed group forum notification problems



-         You can now vote on who should get site trophies!

-         Tournament directors can now create custom trophies (premium only)

-         Fixed to show trophies more effectively

-         Added SEND REPLY link on trophies pages you can say thanks

-         Fixed pagination issues



-         you can add descriptions and explanations to quiz questions

-         you can edit your own questions

-         skip question link


Online Chess

-         added new Top Rated Games page to see cool games

-         you can choose to claim a win by timeout (instead of auto)

-         added FEN to echess details

-         you can now Skip Game

-         moved up stats panel

-         unrated games do not affect any stats

-         toggle move highlighting



-         new, simpler CREATE TOURNAMENT page

-         added Leaderboard for overall tournament performance

-         you can create custom trophies (premium only)

-         fixed timezone issues

-         added ability to choose # of simultaneous games

-         you can create smaller events  



-         ability to search message inbox

-         see your friends’ status on your homepage

-         new widgets page

-         decluttered homepage a little 


Tactics Trainer

-         you get partial credit for moves

-         more easily REPORT bad problems (please help if you spot a bad one!)

-         adding more problems soon!!



-         added hover title to flags (rollover to see what country)

-         made member icons clickable

-         coaches can delete comments on their page

-         admin tools to control content

-         fixed links to classified ads

-         added help icon to rich text editor

-         fixed Last Comment links

-         cleaned up the hover preview boards

-         fixed map performance

-         link when click on “Member Points” so people will stop asking J

-         internal admin tools so we can make notes on individual members

-         improved tool to catch cheaters

-    added site map in footer

-         improved site performance (cacheing google analytics)


If you really read all of that then you need to get out more! For the rest of you, just enjoy! Your suggestions in action... Lots more coming soon! 

For those of you new to, check out our new SITE MAP - it shows pretty much everything you can do on the site...



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Yes, I am the guy who started (along with Jay, Igor, Piotr, and many others). I have 3 amazing daughters, one wild son, and a wonderful, patient wife! I learned chess when I was 8 years old. Since then I have been playing, studying, and enjoying it regularly. I prefer semi-open and closed positions that blow up tactically (like the Closed Sicilian, King's Indian, Glek etc). 

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