Improving Your Game with Custom Chess Lessons!

Improving Your Game with Custom Chess Lessons!

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We know what's on your mind: "What can I do to improve my chess??" We hear it all the time. Our answer? Try Chess Mentor. Seriously. Just try it for 1 month. It's half the cost of a chess book and we are confident you will get so much more out of 1 month of Chess Mentor than you will out of yet another chess book!

What is Chess Mentor? It's a customizable online training tool where you interact with lessons created by top chess players and coaches. Chess Mentor gives you more than just problems and answers - you have many different tools and hints to help you arrive at the solution on your own.

Most importantly, Chess Mentor solves the hardest part of getting better at chess - it gives you feedback on every possible move on the chessboard so you not only know the right answer, but why each other move was wrong.

Don't believe it? Think this is marketing hype? :) Click here to read dozens of reviews of Chess Mentor!

This month we are launching more than 70 new ChessMentor lessons in 2 different courses:

Strategic Errors- by IM Jeremy Silman
Strategic errors are played at every level of the game.... Read more...

Champion Tactics - Pins and Skewers- by GM Patrick Wolff
See in your mind's eye all the potential for using pins and skewers... Read more...

Why do we say that Chess Mentor is customizable? Because it learns about your strengths and weaknesses.

Here is a recent report on my chess skills:

As any of you who have played me can atest, this is pretty accurate :P

Seeing this, it makes me think I need to dig deeper into Silman's new course this month: Strategic Errors

If you want to take your chess to the next level, just try Chess Mentor for 1 month - you will NOT be disappointed! You can even start with a simple 10-lesson demo.



- Erik,


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