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Now Explore Games & Openings on!

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What is the best opening? What opening should I play? How did I lose so fast? These are the kinds of questions chess players - especially those new to the game - ask themselves over and over. e4, d4, or g4? It can get so confusing!

We have a new tool to help you answer this question: Game Explorer! 

The answer is, of course, that there is no single best opening. But that doesn't mean there is no best opening for you. You might as well choose openings that fit your particular style of play. Open games vs. closed games. Endgame grinds vs. quick imbalanced tactical skirmishes. Deep theory vs. out-of-book on move 3!?

You can use our ENORMOUS database of millions of chess games to help you navigate through the opening. Better yet, you can explore you own games and see which openings are working best for you and where you need to improve*. Then you can go to the main database and find better lines and ideas for your future games. 

Let's take a moment to explore some openings from some notable players on the site:

How well does Yelena do with the White pieces? Click here to see. Whoah... nice! 

How well does Jay do with the King's Gambit? Click here to find out. Looks like if you want to beat him, maybe play 2...d5! 

What should you play against my 1. e4? Click here to know. Looks like maybe the Modern!?

Clearly you can see that the Game Explorer is a powerful tool to view and study the games and openings of masters, opponents, and yourself! Just remember - the opening is just one phase of the game. Surviving the opening only guarantees you a decent chance of playing the middlegame where tactics and strategy rule!

The Game Explorer is just a part of our new Chess Games section which features millions of games and a massive opening book. You can discuss games and openings as you prepare your own repertoire.  

Have fun!

- Erik & the Team 

*The Game Explorer is currently free for all members. The depth of searches as well as searching your own games or other members' games will be limited in the near future to only Premium Members


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