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GM Vishy Anand - World Chess Champion!

GM Vishy Anand - World Chess Champion!

Oct 29, 2008, 11:11 AM 80 Chess Event Coverage

Congratulations to GM Viswanathan Anand on defending his world chess champion title! And thank you to GM Vladimir Kramnik who fought hard and did everything possible to win. Come sign our group ecards for each player!

We have started 2 group congratulations cards that everyone can sign!

Sign the "Congratulations" card for Anand

Sign the "Thank You!" card for Kramnik

We have witnessed a truly remarkable World Chess Championship match. It was action-packed and a true struggle. The tactics were incredible!

Below is our relay and coverage of each game by SonofPearl (thank you!!):

Game 1 - Draw

Game 2 - Draw

Game 3 - Anand wins!

Game 4 - Draw

Game 5 - Anand wins!

Game 6 - Anand wins!

Game 7 - Draw

Game 8 - Draw

Game 9 - Draw

Game 10 - Kramnik wins!

Game 11 - Draw => Anand wins the match 6.5/4.5


Congratulations to GM Vishy Anand!


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