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Jeremy Silman Prepares Chess for Prime-Time TV!

Jeremy Silman Prepares Chess for Prime-Time TV!

Jul 24, 2008, 11:42 PM 14 Misc

I got an email from IM Jeremy Silman (who writes some amazing Chess Mentor courses!!) today about a TV show he helped consult on =>

"MONK AND THE GENIUS is on USA Tomorrow evening (Friday July 25th)! If you love chess on TV, this episode is filled with realistic chess positions (I hope ... you never know what the editor might do!) and intrigue. I was the technical adviser for this episode, so catch the chess extravaganza and let me know if you enjoyed it. - Jeremy"http://www.newinchess.com/Common/Images/Authors/Silman,Jeremy.jpg

Jeremy Silman was there to make sure there were some accurate chess positions for the many many chess scenes in the upcoming show! Very cool!

Here is a link to info about the show Monk which I happen to love because I am a bit like the main character (an organization and cleanliness freak). Click here to read about Monk!

Enjoy the show - I already have it set to record :) (Channel 738 at 6pm on Comcast in NorCal :D)

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