New Features on!!

New Features on!!

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Over the last few months we have had a lot of great feedback from our members on what they would like to see on the site. Thank you! Today we are releasing a  TON of new features for the site. Below is a list and description of the updates:

"Email chess" is no longer called email chess. It is going to become Turn-based chess once LIVE chess is released (in about 3 weeks). We also added:

- an analysis board
- ability to replay through your last moves
- personal NOTES on your game so you can keep your thoughts
- better links on the game page

Later this week we are also adding the option to show coordinates on the board as well as many new chess sets and board colors! 

We have added a new section called "Chessopedia". It is a repository for factual information on chess - biographies, terminology, rules, openings, events, etc. It acts just like a regular wiki except that it uses a simple text editor instead of wiki language and you can easily embed diagrams/games! Everyone is an editor!

We have added a bunch of new forum tools including "Quote" feature, new icons for locked, read, sticky, etc, and a new menu to help you find important posts quickly. This should help everyone stay on top of the forums more easily! :)

You can comment on videos!

Do you love Now you can show your support with cool and funny shirts, hats, mousepads, stickers, etc!

You now have better control over how you get alerts from, so that you can choose to have alerts just in your Alert box, or to your email as well. 

We know that we don't have 100% of every possible feature of every possible website... yet. But we're working hard to get there and we always welcome your feedback!


Erik, Jay, Piotr, Igor (and now Rodney!) 

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