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Play Chess on Your Google Homepage!

Play Chess on Your Google Homepage!

Aug 12, 2009, 1:14 PM 25 Chess.com News

Play Chess on Your Google Homepage!
Launch of Chess.com gadget on iGoogle Leveraging OpenSocial

As of August 12th, users of the iGoogle homepage can now play chess with their friends with a new chess gadget. Chess.com is one of the first companies to offer interactive gaming through iGoogle using the new OpenSocial implementation. Once you've added the gadget you can then begin inviting your contacts to play chess with you right through their own iGoogle page. To add this gadget simply click here: 

>> Add iGoogle Chess Gadget

NOTE: This is rolling out across the USA and Australia this week, so it may not be available to everyone immediately.

At Chess.com we chose to develop for iGoogle because it will allow us to reach tens of millions of iGoogle users and introduce to them the enjoyable social nature of playing chess online with friends. And because we are using the OpenSocial API, we can more easily launch a chess gadget on other sites in the future. We worked closely with Google to create the best possible chess experience and Google was very helpful in providing technical advice, feedback, and testing.  

We're excited about the potential of Chess.com on iGoogle and will be making regular improvements over time. Right now you cannot interface with your regular Chess.com website games, but we hope to include that ability soon. 

Fore more information on Google's new support of OpenSocial, see here: http://googleblog.blogspot.com/2009/08/i-scream-you-scream-we-all-scream-for.html


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