Vind een Schaakclub

Chess University - Poland
Polska grupa Chess University przeznaczona dla osób, które chcą poszerzać swoją wiedzę szachową.
Daily Puzzle Discussion Sans Trolls
Dedicated to the discussion of the Daily Puzzle without trolls like EZ Army "This puzzle is stupid" [read "I didn't understand it"] "I'm right an...
The King Hunt
It's a club for beginners. Here, we can learn from each other. Participate our regular Team matches, Live club tournaments & Let's have fun wi...
Team Dorset
A group for all members from the county of Dorset past and present. All players from all ratings from Dorset are most welcome to join.
Chess & Green Tea Green Tea a day and the world is in order ...
Beginners and Masters
Many clubs may try to copy, but there is only one Beginners & Masters. A community of players of all levels to get together to learn from each...
Dragon Lovers VC League
This is a VOTE CHESS League. Entry only for Admins who represent a club. 
The Chess Club
The Chess Club is a small, international club that specializes in standard Daily Chess team matches. We play Chess 960, as well. Despite The Chess ...
Inverness Chess Club
The Inverness Chess Club plays OTB and online at and the members either live in the Highland area or have connections to it. We have ent...
Mentally Insane
This is for you If chess Is making you mentally insane
AlexandraChess FanClub
Fans Of AlexandraChess
Social Chess Club.
Hello and welcome to Social Chess Club!  Here, we focus mainly on playing daily matches and vote chess.  We also offer a range of jobs that you can...
Gardius Guring
Zapraszam serdecznie do naszego klubu . Mam nadzieję że stworzymy doskonały zespól . To jest klub który promuje naukę gry w szachy . Zapraszam  na ...
The Isle of Man
Come stand with us as we do battle in the UK and Ireland County Council Championship currently four Divisions from Premier Div. to Div. 4A & ...
Team Torino
The group of players based in Torino, Italy. If you live in Torino (or in the district) you are welcome to join this group. If you love o...
Chess Universe
Chess Universe is one of's fastest growing groups, with plenty of matches, forum posts (chess and astronomy!) and many weekly items. We a...
Team Dalmatia
Welcome all who love beautiful coast Dalmatia, who loves to eat good fish and drink good wine! And of course, play chess with friends from around t...
Team Morocco Maroc
This is the group representing Morocco in the World League. It is for all those who would like to participate in League match play. Membe...
Kent Checkmates
The Kent Checkmates welcome all players from Kent or with a connection to the county. We play daily matches in the UK and Ireland County Championsh...
  if you are looking for ways to improve your chess understanding ...look no further...   this is the place to be...  i will show you ways to do ...
The Pokémon Fans
This group is for all fans of Pokémon! Whether you like the anime, the movies, the cards, or the games come join us! We will discuss Pokémon and pl...
"Ready to put your chess skills to the test? Join us for a virtual battle of the minds!""Want to prove that you're the ultimate chess champion? Sig...