Znajdź Klub Szachowy

Клуб имени Михаила Чигорина. Club names Mikhail Chigorin
Никогда не было мастера, который в такой мере сочетал бы в себе искусство атаки и защиты, как Чигорин (Гарри Пильсбери)
United Nations For Chess
Hello My Mighty Fellow World Citizens, I would like to welcome you all to join this club. This club is meant to promote Chess to all despite your ...
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The chess community
You can play tournaments and have fun!! partnered with The Club of Brilliant Moves and Tactics (for now School of witchcraft and Wizardy)  as well...
Witam serdecznie! Graj szybciej!
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Šachová škola Vávra a Černoušek jaro 2023
Do žádosti o přijetí do klubu nám prosím napište své pravé jméno, příjmení a kroužek, kam docházíte, podle toho budete do klubu přijati.
South Korea Chess 2023
안녕하세요! South Kora Royal Chess에 오신 걸 환영합니다! 클럽 소개 이 클럽은 체스를 하는 분들을 위한 자유 클럽입니다!언제든지 이벤트 만들기를 허용하며,포럼과 공지사항 모두 자유롭게 풀어 놓아,언제든지 필요 상황 때 바로 글을 남기실 수 있...
Tehsil Chess
"Təhsil" Respublika İdman Mərkəzi Şahmat bölməsi
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Championnat de France par Equipe   -CFE-
Site du Championnat de France par Equipe (CFE)
APU Chess Club
This is APU Chess Club's official chess.com club where we gather and play internal tournaments, discuss games, and have fun!
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Gruppo scacchistico dell'università Milano Bicocca per il torneo interuniversitario 2022
Road to Membership
     ROAD TO MEMBERSHIP COME AND JOIN US!! What does the "Road to Membership" club have that no other chess club have: We host premium Gifted...
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International Irish Tigers Club
This International Irish Tigers Team is for any one who enjoys a game of chess and likes to have fun.
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Food Fans
Hello. Do you wanna join my club? We all love food! Come join us >:3
Nooby Tournaments
Our primary goal will be ratings limited Rapid and Blitz Tournaments for under 1200s.  I anticipate tournaments for under 1200, under 1000, under 8...
Canadian Military
Club open to Canadian Armed Forces serving members and veterans. When joining, provide rank, full name and e-mail. #militarychess, #NATOChess
Media Chess Club
Media Chess Club has a new home. Join this to easily join tournaments and challenge other members.  
Club Lacross F1
Club de ajedrez de la escuela Lacross
Welcome to MLD's Chess Club! This is the perfect place for chess enthusiasts who want to compete in tournaments, improve their skills, and join a f...
Nairobi Chess Club
We are the oldest chess club in Kenya having been registered on 26th February 1958. We meet every Saturday afternoon from 2pm at the Goan Gymkhana...
Raphtalia's fan club
Join if you like Raphtalia Raphtalia's fan club on chess.com         Rules No advertising without permission. I will find out if you lied about...
Team Tennessee Chess Club
Our purpose is to promote chess, encourage others to learn and share this incredible game, and provide an online community for chess players to mee...
Hello, we are a club that loves to play daily matches and we need active players to participate. If you have the spirit of play and challenge, you ...
Knockout Team Match League (KTML) has been created with one sole and unique goal: To determine which Non-National group has the BEST match-fighting...
Chess of Warcraft
Just for fun