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Mar 17, 2020 (age 4)‎
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United States


Codename Miko, also known as Miko or CodeMiko, is a star V-streamer created and operated by The Technician, an American game developer. She is most famous for pushing the boundaries of live streaming interactions and for interviewing notorious Twitch streamers. CodeMiko is also a PogChamps 3 participant.

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The project CodeMiko started in January 2020, when a game developer who calls herself The Technician started working on Miko. She created, rigged, and coded the character herself. She also gave Miko a backstory—she is a non-player character who can't fulfill her dream of being part of a game due to a glitch in her system.

Miko, the V-streamer controlled by The Technician.

The Technician uses a motion-capture suit and face-tracking app to animate Miko on a stream. She has also given her virtual avatar the ability to summon props and change skins during streams. On top of that, she has given her fans the possibility of directly influencing Miko's appearance and behavior through donations and chat commands.

The Technician brought Miko to Twitch in March 2020. Around the end of 2020, the creator of the virtual streamer appeared to her fans for the first time. A video showing how Miko works went viral on Twitter, and her Twitch channel exploded soon after.

Today, CodeMiko has more than 360,000 followers on the streaming platform. On it, she mainly appears in the Just Chatting category, where she interacts with her followers and interviews fellow Twitch streamers.

Miko also has a YouTube channel where she publishes highlights from her streams. One of her most popular videos is an interview with content creator Cr1TiKaL, who participated in the first PogChamps and is back for PogChamps 3:

It's obvious for anyone who watches her content that The Technician has impressive skills. Besides, her ability to create new ways of interacting with her fans pushes the boundaries of streaming and makes her a one-of-a-kind content creator.

PogChamps 3 Participant

In February 2021, Miko participated in the PogChamps 3 event, where she faced other content creators in multiple chess matches. Miko attended coaching sessions with IM Anna Rudolf to prepare herself to meet her challengers.

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