PogChamps 3: Ludwig Gets His Revenge

PogChamps 3: Ludwig Gets His Revenge

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The last day of the group stage of PogChamps 3 presented by GRIP6 saw exciting matches happening back to back.

Tubbo and MrBeast won their first matches against Michelle Khare and CodeMiko, respectively. Ludwig finally got his revenge on MoistCr1tikal after being eliminated by him during the first edition of PogChamps.

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During PogChamps 3, will match up to $100,000 in donations to the participants’ favorite non-profit organizations. Please read this article to see how PogChamps is supporting charities and how you can help yourself!

Tubbo Sings And Dances His Way To Victory

Tubbo emerged victorious from his match against HBO presenter Michelle Khare.

In their first game, Michelle played a solid game and got a slight edge in the opening. She missed a fork tactic, which was available for a few moves, that would've given her a material advantage. Sadly, Michelle played the move a little too late and allowed Tubbo to counter her threat with a devastating attack. The Minecraft streamer did a fantastic job building up the pressure and eventually checkmated his opponent.

Tubbo showed great tactical awareness in the second game. After Michelle once more played well in the opening, the position was very balanced. It only took one slip by the TV star for Tubbo to capitalize on her mistake and assault her king. The game ended after Tubbo unintentionally checkmated Michelle.

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MrBeast Wins His First PogChamps Match

In the first game, CodeMiko had a better position after deviating from MrBeast's Scandinavian Defense preparation. Miko's prospects seemed promising until she played the infamous Botez Gambit. MrBeast returned the favor, but CodeMiko failed to see the hanging queen and mouse- slipped. The V-streamer collapsed, and MrBeast had no trouble winning the game.

The second game was not easy for MrBeast. In an up-and-down contest where both players ignored free pawns left and right, the outcome was unclear until the very end. CodeMiko eventually blundered her pieces, and MrBeast prevailed despite being in worrisome time trouble.

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Ludwig Gets His Revenge On MoistCr1tikal

In one of the event's most anticipated encounters, Ludwig outperformed MoistCr1tikal to take the group lead. Ludwig won an impressive match and got his revenge on MoistCr1tikal after losing their first match during PogChamps 1.

The first game was a wild one, with Ludwig sacrificing a knight for two pawns in front of Cr1tikal's king. Charlie didn't defend properly, and Ludwig got a chance to build a dangerous attack. Ludwig, however, couldn't seize his opportunity and his attack fizzled. The game was very close and came down to a time-troubled endgame where MoistCr1tikal had two extra pawns and won the game.

PogChamps 3 Day 8.
Ludwig sacrificed his knight to build an attack.

The second game was a tough one for Charlie as he lost his knight in the opening. Ludwig tried to simplify the position and gave MoistCr1tikal the chance to win Ludwig's queen. Charlie missed the tactic and couldn't survive Ludwig's precise play, which deeply disappointed his coach GM Daniel Naroditsky.

Ludwig had the white pieces in the tiebreakers and had to win the game. Cr1tikal seemed bothered with the pressure and faltered, blundering his queen and bishop for a rook. His whole position collapsed, and Ludwig delivered a beautiful checkmate just a few moves later to win the match.

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PogChamps 3 Group Standings
Group standings of PogChamps 3 presented by GRIP6.

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