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Gyula Breyer

Gyula Breyer
Full name
Gyula Breyer
Apr 30, 1893 - Nov 9, 1921 (age 28)‎
Place of birth
Budapest, Hungary


Gyula Breyer was a strong Hungarian chess player who won the country’s 1912 championship. He was among the world’s best chess players. For instance, at a 1920 tournament in Berlin, he finished first ahead of Efim Bogoljubov, Savielly Tartakower, Richard Reti, Geza Maroczy, and Siegbert Tarrasch. Plus, Breyer even had a plus head-to-head record against future world champion Max Euwe.

Breyer set a new blindfold chess record in 1921 for playing 25 games simultaneously. He was also a contributor to opening theory, such as the Breyer Defense in the Ruy Lopez. Unfortunately, due to heart disease, Breyer’s career was cut short, and he died at the age of 28.

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