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Full name
MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson)
May 7, 1998 (age 25)‎
Place of birth
Kansas, United States
United States


Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, is a philanthropist, entrepreneur, and one of the world's top YouTubers. He has over 100 million subscribers across all platforms (as of August 2021) and participated in the PogChamps 3 and PogChamps 4 events.

YouTube Channels

MrBeast created his first YouTube channel in 2012 to post "Let's Play" videos of games such as Minecraft, Pokemon, Call of Duty, and others. His channel went viral after he posted a video of himself counting to 100,000. The video, which is almost 24 hours long, has had more than 21 million views.

Donaldson seems to have cracked the code for crafting viral content. Spending ridiculous amounts of money to pull off monstrous stunts, Donaldson dominates the video platform. Over the past 12 months, every one of his videos has garnered more than 25 million views (as of August 2021).

MrBeast in the process of going through a drive-thru 1,000 times for one of his videos. Photo: Jimmy Donaldson/Instagram.

His most viewed video to date is a testament to the kind of pleasant absurdity MrBeast brings to his content. As the title suggests, the video shows Donaldson putting 100 million Orbeez in his friend's backyard:

MrBeast is also known for his extravagant giveaways. Backed by sponsorship money, he often posts videos donating large sums of money or giving valuable presents to random people. In the video below, MrBeast "sells" cars for under $12 and even pays people to take some of those cars home.

Donaldson's channel has grown to be one of the largest on YouTube, with more than 67 million subscribers. He has almost 9 billion hours of content watched and has gained more than 2 million followers just in 30 days (as of August 2021).

MrBeast has a few other successful YouTube channels, the most prominent being MrBeast Gaming, with more than 14 million subscribers. A viral video-creating machine, Donaldson is currently one of the biggest YouTube creators in the world. He has amassed a staggering count of more than 100 million subscribers across all of his channels.


According to Donaldson, after shooting his first giveaway video, he realized he liked helping people. Besides donating mind-numbing amounts of money to friends, family members, and strangers, MrBeast also finds other ways to help.

At the end of 2019, he started the #TeamTree movement with fellow YouTuber Mark Rober to raise money to plant trees. The duo raised $20 million in just a couple of months, making #TeamTree one of the fastest-growing environmental fundraising initiatives in history. For every dollar donated, the Arbor Day Foundation vouched to plant one tree.

MrBeast also hosted "The Creator's Game," a virtual rock-papers-scissors event featuring numerous superstar content creators and streamers to raise money for COVID relief. At the end of the event, Donaldson's initiative raised more than $1 million.


MrBeast was one of the contestants fighting for the crown in PogChamps 3. Donaldson worked with GM Hikaru Nakamura to prepare for his matches against other star content creators, streamers, and celebrities. Below we see part of MrBeast's training, where he played a material-odds game against Nakamura. He is also a participant in PogChamps 4.

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