Queen's Gambit accepted


#2 2nd Place CoinPeddler (1542)

#3 3rd Place WaltWerling (1592)

TD: robotjazz Started on June 19, 2012 at 5:14 AM
Players: 12   Time Control: 3 days/move
Max Group Size: 12   Rating Range: Open
# Advance: 1   Tie Breaks: Yes
Points Available: 274   Games Rated: Yes

This is a "No Vacation" tournament!
Max Avg Time/Move: 12 hours

Tournament Stats
Starting Players: 12 Completed Games: 132 (tournament is 100% complete)
Players Withdrawn: 0 (0%) # Timeouts: 29 (21%)
Remaining Players: 1 (8%) Remaining Games: 0
Average Rating: 1520 Biggest Upset: 1514 defeats 1804

This tournament is for players who have studied the complications of this move order or would like to learn through experience. This is a great opening because it can lead to some very tense positions in the center or to gambit style play. I myself am only just beginning to study this position and would like to practise it some more. Have fun and I'll see you in the matches.


  • 4 years ago


    Hello everyone, I am glad to see such a strong turnout of enthusiastic players. I look forward to some good matches with the opportunity to learn from the mistakes I'm sure to make. rock and roll and I'll see you all in the matches. Any questions or concerns and please feel free to message me directly. Thank you all.

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