The Ge-Winner

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1 Haz 2022
1.203 Etkinlik Oynandı

Welcome to our club! The best club in!! We are "The Ge-Winner"!!

You’re heartiest invited to join our wonderful community!!
We have different events you can join:
-vote matches
-daily matches

Moreover we offer 960 tournaments and have a puzzle of the day!!

Our club rules
1. No spamming!!
2. Respect everyone!!
3. At least try to be active!!
4. No advertising without permission!!
5. Most Important: Enjoy and have fun!!!

Our Partner Clubs:
1. Coffee House
2. Lucky Group
3. Francesco Chess Club
Biggest Goals:
Get first in daily matches and in vote matches!

If you have any questions feel free to ask @Winteremil or @erle19!!
See you in the club!!! Have fun!!