The United Chess Nations

United Chess Nations Parliament
3 Eki 2021
222 (#545)
199 (#63)
1 saat önce
Take yo goofy ahh roasts somewhere else 💀
no actuly by law he is not... but k
2 saat önce
and xander is to old for you
2 saat önce
kyo lost all feelings for you lol
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'Some Tips to Strengthen your First Steps in Chess'

'Some Tips to Strengthen your First Steps in Chess'

FM MrChampion_Coach | 5 Mar 2023
Hello! it is a pleasure to greet you. My name is Jerzy Jesus, I'm a professional chess player and coach. First of all, beginners should focus on improving their general understanding of chess. This is achieved by studying the fundamentals of it.They should study the principles of the initiative, activity, relative value of the pieces, basic endgames, tactical ideas that are mostly presented in practice and build a repertoire of openings that allows them to reach instructive positions and enr...
OMG! Giveaway with total value $150 (!!!!!!)

OMG! Giveaway with total value $150 (!!!!!!)

Kyu13 | 4 Mar 2023
Hey friends! I am literally organising a giveaway with a total prize value of $150 to help you increasing your chess level! I propose you to win 3 Pro Accounts on, which unlock all the lessons, blogs, coaching and a lot more! How it works:Step 1: click the discord link and join the server to get access to the giveaway entry button. P.S: if you don't have a discord account yet, click "create an account", write your email adress, set a password, an...