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Chinese Chess Association 中国国际象棋协会
大家好,这里是中国国际象棋协会官方队。我们积极参加投票棋、通讯棋、队内比赛、对外即时赛,积极讨论,文明发言。欢迎大家加入! Hi chess folks, here's the professional team of Chinese Chess Association. We active...
PRO Puzzle Solvers Team
Welcome!This club is for the Best Puzzle Solvers & Battle players worldwide.We enjoy solving puzzles on a professional level,discussing and com...
Boba Fett's palace
Hello! This is the mighty palace of Boba Fett. And you only need to answer and say Yes to these questions to join(1) do you love chess?(2)are you a...
The Chess Tactics Club
This club is for all lovers of chess tactics... Club matches, advisory chess and live tournaments take place regularly ...
United Chess Competitions - UCC
You got kicked out of the club by this person: @chessthesmall! Please come back because we love and support every single member!  Hello and welcom...
ISF High School Chess Club
All members of the High School Chess Society at the International School of Florence are welcome!
United Nations For Chess
Hello My Mighty Fellow World Citizens, I would like to welcome you all to join this club. This club is meant to promote Chess to all despite your ...
Darbaar Chess club
Official Chess Club of Prakhar Ke Pravachan. Join our discord server for constant updates.
8 Player Chess
We use the club forums (and, a daily webpage and much more) to play 8 Player Chess. We are developing a live server and a mobile a...
Squadron Commandos
 Greetings    I would like to share with you a unique opportunity that exists among a tightknit core group of "Soldiers" who are actively seeking ...
Blitz Chess Club
The Blitz Chess Club The blitz chess club is a live chess team competing against other live chess teams on the site. We're open to any challenges ...
Earthlings United
  The Earthlings United invites you to become a member of our team for players of all ratings from all over the world.  We participate in severa...
Team Emilia-Romagna gruppo rappresenta l`Emilia-Romagna nel campionato italiano a squadre (CIS), n...
Viktor Korchnoi chess club
Welcome to the Viktor Korchnoi chess club. GM Viktor Korchnoi (1931-2016) was a Soviet and later Swiss grandmaster who achieved nearly every pos...
- The French League -
Hi!!!  In this club we do tournaments every day(french league is just a little joke, the real name shude be Tournament club or somthing) try to ha...
Team Türkiye
Team Türkiye: Dünya ve Avrupa Live Chess Ligi, Dünya Ligi, Avrupa Ligi ve Asya Liginde ülkemizi temsil etmektedir. Türkiye bayrağı taşıyorsanız, üç...
Team Italia DOC
 Team Italia DOC è il club italiano più attivo su  Organizza numerosi tornei interni divertenti ed impegnativi, cui possono partecipare...
Geezers is a chess group for the older players at We welcome anyone over the age of 50.
Red Bull Beat The Pro
Red Bull Beat The Pro is a chance for Indian chess players to challenge Woman Grandmaster and International Master Tania Sachdev.   Charan Kumara...
Den of Patzers
Hello Everyone! Welcome to Neo Beginners and Masters (now known as “Den of Patzers”)! In here, be ready for a kind community! Here are some basic ...