Bir Satranç Kulübü Bulun

The Duck Crew
This is a club for people who like ducks, like me. We are also anti-parrot. NO DUCK HATERS ARE ALLOWED OR YOU WILL BE BANISHED! oh also this club ...
Venezuela - Ajedrez Total
Club para jugadores venezolanos sin excluir por puntos o ranking.Bienvenidos!
Baker Street Irregulars
This is a group for all Sherlock Holmes fans. We are here to discuss all things Holmes - the stories, Baker Street, Watson, the movies, and - of c...
  Welcome to KPOP STANS! 어서 오세요! Join us in the world's largest community of chess players who enjoy South Korean music. ♕♫ If you wanna checkm...
No pasarán! They shall not pass! Ils ne passeront pas!
Team Denmark
Team Denmark repræsenterer Danmark her på i World League, Chess960 World League samt European League  World League og European League er...
Escolapios ChessClub
Club de Ajedrez para fomentar el ajedrez entre nuestros alumnos
Team Blunder
Blunders happen, so what... In this club everyone is welcome. But it is a private club, we hope that it can fix Mayflies, and players who are not ...
The Farm
The Farm™  is a comedy style supergroup (whatever that means), as well as a great chess group - #70 on the Team Match leaderboard.  Join if you lik...
Team  USA
Team USA exists to compete against other national teams in the World Leagues, which focus on Standard Daily and Chess960 Daily matches. W...
Boys chess 2022
Hello Indians, In this club we are going to have fun tournaments every Sunday. Everyone in this Club should check if there are tournaments at Sun...
BULGARIA  - chess    academy
Za vsichki balgarski igrachi koito praviat parvi stapki v chaxa.
Friends Uniting Against Mental Illness Chess Club
Welcome to the Friends Uniting against Mental Illness Chess Club. Mental Health affects millions of people worldwide and our goal is to spread as ...
CaT FaNs FoReVeR
Meow! Hello! Would you like to join our club? I have free food and l love to talk and make friends, and I’d invite any type of cat! Join our club w...
North America United
This group is a geographical entity encompassing North America, from Greenland and Canada to the north, to Panama and the Carribean to the south. W...
Team Prague
Team Prague is open to any players from Prague and surroundings or any other players, who just love this medieval city in the centre of Europe. We ...
Afghanistan Team
salams to all this team represent our country Afghanistan on so please join the team.
New Friends
As the name suggests this club is a great place to make new friends as we all have a common interest - chess.Have a chat in the notes and participa...
Team Jordan and Friends
                            This is the official national team of The                   Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan And their friends. This team...
Boonton Prep Chess Club
#1 High School chess club and team in America
Love chess club
Hello and welcome to the Love Chess Club, which is the place for chess enthusiasts. I hope everyone will join my club!😊