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    g4 could possibly be played by someone who just learned to move the pieces several hours ago. but I don't think that likely at all. throwing material in the air like that because of some other compensational factors is not something someone who just learned how to move pieces will be doing. they wouldn't play g4 there, they would likely play something like nc3. 9 of 10 times Nc3 there and not g4.

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    haha nice one BrianWall

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    NM BrianWall

    A Dzindi video a day keeps the checkmate away.

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    since watching Dzindzi's videoes i have improved my games. during matches I comment like Dzindzi (with similar accent)  bad moves from my opponents. 

    Thanks for your lectures.

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    can't mate with a only a knight and king Smile

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    Thank you for making this series of videos! I've just watched the first (and only, at the moment) four of them. These are amazing combinations!

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    peertamax gan

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    " a very unusual idea is almost there in every of your game, it is up to you to look it good or bad " i will remember your quote Mr. Roman, thank you!

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    very nice video ... what a wonderful puzzle that was ... truly amazing artisic work!   And the game example ... inspiring!  I don't think I would ever spend 40 mins on that position but it paid off!  Lesson learned.  The background is that you must have sensed something out of place for black and then you had to find the key and you did.

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    I am in the process of making a puzzle book I have been for some time... I love composing "artificial" positions that the solution is beautiful - here are some links to my latest creations (feedback welcome Wink)

    I find after going through a period of creativity that my rating rises quicker than normal, this will obviously be because of pattern recognision and composing bizarre and unique situations! Smile

    Brilliant topic and great lecture Roman!

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    for being "very well known position" I can't find any games (including dzindi's) for position at 9:27 on

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    dzindi does that a lot, just ignore it.

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    at 5:04 he sais queen d3 but puts it on e4 ?

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