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    Thank you Roman, you are so easy to learn from!

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    be very careful in interpreting what is said here. it requires some work from the viewer to understand it accurately. consistency is key in chess apparently. wonder if there are things that could possibly make someone more consistent and efficient than another for a specific duration of time. don't be lazy in your thinking now. keep going. peel back those layers. don't just be superficial and lap up whats on the surface. 

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    Wow, Tal really was the master of attack!!

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    To play like Tal, you have to be 100% confident in your tactical skills to know that you will eventually find the winning combination.

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    Great video Roman! These videos are helping my game! I think as chessplayers,it's too easy/lazy to just look for material advantage instead of just playing good positional chess.

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    Thanks Roman,but you said if black played e5 instead of b5.But after white playes g5 the next move could black not playe exd4?

    Thank you Roman.

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    FM TheMagician

    Dear Roman,

    I am lowly rated FideMaster John Curtis Australia...I took up the handle "The Magician" not knowing the Great World Chess Champion Mikhail TAL was known as THE MAGICIAN.

    Strangely enough, I was inspired by your good friend TAL when I was playing through his games with Bobby Fisher about 40 years ago.

    I too live for the beauty and art of the Combinations in Chess and love to pull a "Rabbit out of my Hat in my Blitz games on

    Roman, you are so very entertaining. I rate you as one of the Best Chess Coaches/Mentors I have seen and believe me I watch your beautiful work!   

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    indeed v.good but for advanced - as said backfire is always there Sealed

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    great video Roman!!! You are a legend!!

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    Thanks for the great video.   Hopefully you will continue making videos on Tal.

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    IM dpruess


    yeah this video is marked as "advanced"-- it is intended for players rated above 1800 fide approximately.

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    really enjoyed going through that eye-catching game. really liked the personal touch of being friends with Tal, it came through and added to the video.

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    Awesome, Roman.

    At my level, almost any sacrifice would lose for me immediately.  That doesn't take away from the awesome enjoyment of Roman's videos.

    The first person to do something is sooooooooo underrated.  Newton's, Eienstien's, Mendal's, Darwin's, etc are so well understood these days, even by undergraduates, that their awesomeness fades if one does not realize that the giants in all fields created a world-changing thing out of nothingness!!!

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    NM gbidari

    Tal's chess pieces walk on water. A beautiful, spectacular and powerful game. I will remember it for decades also. Thank you Roman!

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    Extremely deep game. I am very uncomfortable with positions in which there are not tempo gains acquired that can be used to carry out an immediate strong attack. But there are a considerable number of strategical vs. tactical forced lines when black commits to a response in this game which seems to put black at a disadvantage because somehow white is able to maintain the advantage through some sort of flexibility in the position I do not fully understand. So the sacrifice seems to engender some sort of strategic flexibility vs. time or material advantages.

    Would like some comment on this. It seems like more could be said at a deeper level by analyzing the relationships in the move trees.


    Before I watched this video I was not aware that such a thing as this was concretely possible and was at the heart of Tal's fantastic abilties. Great video presentation that is instructional as well as being of biographical interest.

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    I watched the first 10 minutes and didn't get it at all :) This must be for people with 2000+ I guess...

    The first position was very interesting, but the reason white sacrified his knight has not been explained, only said that lots of games were won playing like this, which I don't understand why.

    The second position interesting also, but why black's bishop after attacking white queen doesn't take the white rook?

    Wish it was more analyzed or maybe I should advance (my score is 1350) :-/

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    Thanks GM Roman, great strategy lesson. Great Tal.

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    More Tal, more Tal, more Tal!  Please, I love this guy, there was nobody like him!

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