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    good game.

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    I am so happy to have listened to Roman's description of his friendship with Victor Korchnoi. I respect anybody who has ever defied, criticized, or dared to escape from the evil clutches of what was known as USSR. In case of Korchnoi it is just admirable how he allowed his anger to let him dare to defect. I do wish Roman Dzindzingashivili would write some kind of memoir about his chess career and people he knows or has known. Thanks!
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    I feel certain kinship with korchnoi. I believe me and him have something in common. I understand the surprise about his statement about not knowing how to attack and lack of understanding of initiative, but I think it's accurate. he was saying that he doesn't know how to do what people like Tal or GM Aagaard or GM TIger Hillarp Perrson do. he's wasn't being untruthful, he sincerely didn't understand it.

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    Thanks Roman, for the story and for the game example. Korchnoi is outstanding till today, in his 80x I guess is still a strong player.

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    I had the pleasure of meeting korchnoi and his wife in London in 2011. He got grumpy with me when I asked him to autograph some chess boards and he found out that were 15 to sign. He asked me:"All of them?". He was winging whilst signing!!! Great chess legend and personality. Thanks GM Roman for educating us on something that its deeper that strategy or opening lectures.



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    Hmm Roman's explaination of Viktor's personality explains Viktor's infamous blow up when he lost to Sofia Polgar in blitz.

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    Thanks for the insight into the mind of Korchnoi & very enjoyable game.

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    for me the video stopped after whites Bd3?

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    i do like to see a game and not a talk but I actually quite liked that talk good job

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    Thanks!!!  I enjoyed the story and presentation as well!

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    my video is not playing only the sounds is playing

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    Amazing!! Great video and nice to hear all the good commments about Korchnoi!!

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    best player switzerland ever had!

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    IM DanielRensch

    I think Roman's personal insights into the most famous figures in the history of our game is, quite frankly, priceless... I truly appreciate every word he has to speak about these incredible chess players. Perhaps not as many "x's and o's" in the beginning, but the information and stories are unarguably invaluable...


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    really an unknown chess genius..... good lesson

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    Wonderful!  Thank You Roman

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    Non-Stop barrage of Sledge hammer blows...WOW! 

    Thoroughly enjoyed the story and presentation as well!

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    It was not a lesson,  only if you did not have your ears on. A wonderful learning experience. I'm going back to some of my old books of Viktor's with new insights. Thank you and keep up this oral history of the greats.

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    I'm not a premium member but I enjoyed the first 4 minutes and 56 seconds.

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