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    Thank you GM Roman for this excellent series on Anand. I happened to witness this game live when it was being played against Topalov in the World championship and am equally excited when i watch your commentary now. His game against Kramnik was also stunning especially when we know Kramnik analyzed Slav defence and is considered an expert in this line. I say Anand is amazing and probably a very difficult player to beat.

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    I am listening to all of your lecture Mr. Dzindzichashvili. I must say that I find them highly inspiring and this is why I paid to be a member. I am a poor chess player but a serious professional musician. Your lectures help me with my music. I find great inspiration in the story that you share with us. Coming from first hand experiences. This is truly amazing I think. Thank you.

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    While so much has been said about Mr.Anand's chess skills, we need to appreciate his humility too.And, impeccable gentleman like conduct living up to the reputation of a true ambassador of Chess in spite of the immense God like status he has in the chess world and media.

    I for one respect any sporting champion who is so humble and treats his rivals and fans alike with utmost respect. He reminds me of Sachin Tendulkar, who is Cricket's one of the all time great batsmen who in spite of a billion+ fans doesnt take the success for granted and just keeps getting better everyday like a bottle of Fine Scotch.

    Last but not least, a kudos and bravo to GM.Roman for such a beautiful narration and for giving a Patzer like me, a chance to take a peek into the minds of Geniuses like Anand,Kasparov & Karpov.

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    Awesome video, thanks

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    great video

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    Thank you Dzindzi.  This was a great video--excellent analysis, insight, history/backdrop and well-chosen games (which is the real work--doing the homework to find great, entertaining-yet-instructive games).  I love how he told us to imagine the endgame after the beginning of the combination (in your head) and even after I did this, I did not see the full continuation (or even come close).  I wonder how many GMs could solve that position as a chess puzzle and how long it would take them to solve it.

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    Though i play chess from child hood  but till now I did not had an oppurtunity to watch Mr Anand game. On becoming a member by a chance when i saw this game have got no other words ,  THANKS,  GM ROMAN DZINDZICHASVII.

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    Okay, maybe it doesn't qualify for an "immortal game" after watching it a second time. But that was thrilling.  Anand is wizard.

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    That combination in game two is genius.  I'm not a great chess player by any means, but does this not qualify for an immortal game?  I guess thats pushing it a little, but that was phenomenal.  It seems like Anand doesn't have the reputation to being a legend in chess sadly.  Does this unjust observation fall on anyone else or is it just me?

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    I think it is not nice and does not give any credit to Roman to talk like that for Topalov - he had his reasons and he is one of the greatest too! Obviously the comments were biased and what about he playing Kramnik in Russia (or former) ? Is that fair and is not that bold decision from Topalov ? So Roman please before saying strong words like that try to be more objective ! Otherwsie the games you showed us and your analysis are excellent as always and I thank you for that!

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    e4.. hope you enjoyed this video............. :/.....

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    NM Splane

    In the position where Topalov resigned in the first game, I think White has a forced mate after 1.... Rf7 with 2. Rc8+ Qc8  3. Qg6+ Kh8   4. Rf7 Qc1+   5. Ne1+ Kh3   6. Qc8+ g4.

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    what a combination in the 2nd game!!!

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    Thanks, I have not seen many annotated games of Anand, very interesting & instructive.

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    when are you going to continue with the karpov series?

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    This is absolutely amazing chess! I never realised Anand was so good - seriously!! Your analysis of his games were superb, excellent video, brilliant stuff, I'd love to see more...

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