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    hope i hadnt seen the analyses at the end... i was so fascinated by the grand planning of the gm. shame the analysis at the end took a bit of that magic away... but verry beautiful game

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    Thank You

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      GM Gregory Kaidanov you are the bravest man I've ever seen!

    I know you will be a great chess coach, because to share this video must have been One of the Most difficult things you ever did!

    I think this was the worst beating that I've ever seen a Master have to endure. I would have kept this One under my hat! Totally, positionally, professionally, and systematically CRUSHING!



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    NM gbidari

    I like this video very much. Taking us back to the scene of the crime, describing his thought process, then telling how he learned from it and how he corrected the problem. That's where he grew as a player and using his same approach of reflection and introspecdtion that's how we can grow too. Great job!

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    Very nice vid, better than part 2.

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    This is the first video I've watched, helpful thankyou, hope the rest are as good!

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    good vidio

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    14...f6 was the weak move. it weaks the king side . why not 14...Bf6? 

    its safer. 

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    Excellent instructional video.  It really brought home the concept of material vs. initiatve and positional awareness.  I know for sure that when faced with this decision, the red flag will go up and I will remember your words and make the best decision.  I've come across the description of such a pawn as a "poisoned" pawn and have myself more than a few times eaten it to my chagrin.

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    Hi Mr. Kaidanov...

    Thx. for sharing this game with us and your thoughts during the game. Very instructive.

    I need to give you thoughts of my own also, hoping you can use them.

    One of the dangers with these videolessons is "a bad sound/microphone". I think that your videos - and others too - would win very much by making the sound better, less metallic and more warm. Nice. Also - my personal opinion, when I log on to watch a video I would prefere that it gets down to business right away. You started by telling me about other videos - and nearly lost me at the very beginning. I would prefere "get to it" - and also a little more speed. Just a little, but if I loose you, I can just rewind and look again.

    Please take these hints positively - they are very much meant that way.


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    did i missed something

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    Its amazing how you can lose a game after a half dozen moves! I guess thats why you should never defy convention!!! I will definitely log this one!! Thanks!!!

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    Really good ... thanks

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    its very good

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    WCM ki2010

    Thanks, very interesting presentation. Pl. continue the excellent work.Cool

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    NM Splane

    I was curious why you played 14 ... f6, weakening the e-file and the b3-g8 diagonal. Was something wrong with 14 ... Bf6? 

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    Awesome game and nice lesson.  

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    Very nice XD

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