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    I absolutely agree with shequan's assessment of this game. smart guy. also the exchange french isn't a draw if it's a blitz game between two people of 1200 or lower strength (i.e. utter ridiculousness)

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    Roman says worst move of 2010 in this video hilarious.

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    These guys couldn't possibly be 18xx~19xx.

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    I wonder towards the time control of the game. as well as blacks strength. we are given a number for white but not for black. to me it seems black really had no idea what he was doing at all and was playing off of fear. fear of everything. fear and anxiety dominated just about every move he made especially the error of trading away his bishop pair, he just saw a knight near his king and was like " AHHHHHHHHHHH must kill knight." he was playing like someone who was just thrown into some dark room and was being attacked from all sides but he knew not from whence the attacks were coming, nor did he understand why he was being attacked. fear of everything dominated his mind and he was just striking recklessly at everything put in front of him, not really thinking about anything.

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    i'm not saying it was justified or even possible in that position but the queen c8 move probably had thing to do with black players fear of some mating attack on h7 square. he fear it, so he wanted to get white's light square bishop off the board as soon as possible. i think that is what that move was about. he didn't really know what he was doing or what was going on and was just fearful and anxious of everything. he was just like "AHHAHHHHHHH light squared bishop pointing at king, must kill light squared bishop"

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    This really helps a beginner i thinks

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    Interesting, instructive, and hilarious. 

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    Very interesting analysis. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I learnt a hundred times more from this video than the computer analyses which are quite passive.

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    chess.comm staff: can you post the pgn file?

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    Very instructive. Maybe for the next one pick a game where members actually found the best move or line and explain why it was the best option.  I guess games like that will be much harder to find.  When I run a computer analysis after a game it always finds at least a few "inaccuracies", even when I won and thought I played reasonably well.  Anyway, I "learned something". Laughing

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    I want to improve chess game.

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    Excellent video.  Not only what is wrong but why it's wrong. 

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    I see a lot of 1800 players like the ones in this game talking trash like they're strong.  Roman makes em look like special needs students!Laughing

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    this game was 'amazingly' amateurish

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    Another awesome video.

    I love this format where Roman critiques games of players of lesser ability.  I make so many errors and blunders, it is refreshing to see that a lot better players than me make a lot of mistaken moves.

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    Now deleting all my games on Laughing

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    ROFL Balls of Steel Vs Alphabet Soup..."R is sentenced to life in prision with bad conditions" Smile  

    Sadly, I fear some of my games would receive similar verbal beatings from Roman...nevertheless, that was the funniest video ever.  My side still hurts.  Smile

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    Lol cannot pronouce the name... hmmm

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