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    I loved all of the videos in this series and have noticed they get much more interesting and difficult to solve near the end. I find this mate, Boden's, to be one of the most pleasing mates in all of my chess! On that note, here's a quick puzzle from a game that I just played after watching all 5 videos in this series tonight:

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    happy.png Glad to see you on chesspawn.png Great series!

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    Great! Thanks!

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    On Saturday July 18, 2015 I watched this video and enjoyed it. Thank you!

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    whit next move : B2C3 !!!
    what is uR plane ???!!!


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    Very instructive video! I recommend this series for everyone.

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    @miroku19 1st one is called Boden's mate, 2nd one Blackburne's mate.

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    Great video once you turn the sound off and just watch the arrows.

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    I'm having a difficult time hearing the names of the mating patterns. 

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    At 10:50, doesn't the bisschop on F4 prevent black from castling?

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    Thanks so much for this.  I'm a beginner and never really understood the power of the bishops together.  This is a great video and I will definitely look for these patterns in my own games.

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    I just watched your first two videos in this series and I must say for the first time after watching a video on, I feel like my playing has improved tremendously.  It's beautiful art when you make the queen  sacrifices in the first two series to create a mate. I will watch the next three videos tonight before I play live chess again.  I think these videos are the best kept secret on  Thanks !!

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    Once again, a most instructive video. It is so important to thoroughly understand mating patterns I order to develop a plan.

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    Audio is horrible. Sounds like Star Wars sound effects.

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    Great lesson, very poor sound as mentioned by several members. Please record the sound again (since the complaints are over 4 years old now).

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    Another great video. Deflections can be so tricky to see. I love watching these videos over and over. Great job.

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    superrrrrrrr it helped me a lot

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     thomasrankin1984: The Bishop is the one the delivers the mate the queen is just a sacrifice to clear the way

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    I dont understand in the why it is check-mate in the second example, because i thought the queen could be taken by the pawn in g7? can someone help me understand this?

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