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    I call the first pattern the "Corridor Mate." It's a favorite--one I've actually managed to play in a game. The second one looked similar to Cozio's Mate. Maybe that one wasn't actually a Cozio, but it looked very similar.

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    Need to know! ~Chess Essentials~  Xclam!!! on this video series.

    Thank you,

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    Aug 12,2015

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    Too bad there are only 5 of these videos!

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    Just watched all 5 of your mating vidoes in a row.  Best 1 1/2 hours I  ever spent studying chess.  Now it's time to go online and start playing.  Thanks for taking the time to make these videos.

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    Excellent video series Ingvar. I hope you do more, they are very important ideas to learn for new players to the game, as well as others that want to brush up on their tactical knowledge, and some of these mates are very difficult to find. It even got Karpov, among many other victims. Thanks again and great job.

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    Increadible article, I like it a lot!

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    Great video.Thanks

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    Love your videos FM Ingvar.

    Your first mate in this video reminds me of one of my own.

    Keep the great videos coming...

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    in the 2nd skeleton diagram there is an annoyanyance because there are two solutions with the same amount of moves that are different patterns. a great puzzle should have only solutions that apply to the theme being presented. minor annoyance because in instruction it is not clear which one is prefered or better (neither, it is just style) and this muddies the issue. the skeleton with the Q can also be played with N7+ Kg8 Nh6+ (double check) and mating with the queen (another forced line besides the solution!). why babble about this, i watched zibb's other vids and he's a good teacher so i can't help but notice it!

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    who writes the funny asides/summaries of the video? jedis! outstanding

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    You should make it William mate because Williams are just awesome for capaplanca mate,and because that mate is awesome.You should also call the other one Li mate because genaral li invented sacrafisises1

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    Great... i love it!

    Useable... i hope someday!

    Anyone tried it in a game?

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    thanks I liked the mates.  Great video loved it.  

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    nice i like  a perfect voice thank you too

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    Just another outstanding video from Ingvar.  Direct, relevant and without the editorial asides so prevelant in viedos of others.  

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    very nice

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    very cool.

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    FM The_Evil_Ducklings

    Great lecture, very detailed with tons of relevant examples.  Chess teachers needing lecture material should get their pens and paper out.

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