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    After 6.Nb3, Roman seems to overlook 7.a4 following 6...a5. 7. a4 seems to refute Roman's continuation and, in fact, results for white in the 7.a4 line are quite good according to Game Explorer.  

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    greatly instructive

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    yeah those holes are always messing up that english radio show but I'm clearly biased against the english. this system seems to be like lead to nerve cells or daxamites. 

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    I agree, he had to poop.

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    Full ON Matie

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    Roman you are a true chess God! I don't even play the English but this lesson, everything just made so much sense! Brilliant Cool

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    No problem. While an advantage like this might not neccesarily be decisive at a lower level, in a GM game it would almost invariably prove a win for white. 

    If you want to improve your chess vision, try playing through the lines on a board until you get used to it and then start doing it in your head. You will get better at calculating more complex variations and determining what the results will be.

    Of course the final step is doing it in the game and actually springing this play on someone but I'll leave that to you :)

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    Thank you gpacx.  I am new to chess and am still learning about the importance of material advantage and how to look for it and such.  I kept looking for a impending trap checkmate and was not finding it.

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    GM Konavets


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    The GM resigned because he is going to lose one of his bishops and go down material with no compensation, with either:

    7...bxc6/dxc6 8. Qxb4 (taking the advanced pawn and losing the b4 bishop) OR 7...Be7 (retreating the bishop) 8.cxb7 Bxb7 9. Qxb7 (winning the bishop).

    Obviously if black's light square bishop doesn't recapture then the pawn will promote and capture on a8 so the position is lost and black resigned.

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    Maybe he just had to go to the bathroom really bad.

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    I don't understand why that GM resigned after 7 moves.  What am I not seeing?  What was so powerful about the pawn being on c6 and the queen being moved to b3?

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    could you do a little more videos like qenns gambit,thanks

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    roman im waiting for part 3.thanks

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    can't wait for part 3! i always want to play 1. ...e5 against english but don't understand the ideas behind it

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    Roman is the Don. Great lecture thanks

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    Roman is really a brilliant guy.

    thank you for the part 2!

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