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    the english is such a wigger. I also think I should get me a copyzavich of strunk and white so I can refer to it when I make random comments and the like on the internet because that seems totally appropriate. also be careful with the word huge as some people seem to obsess about its pronounciation for some unknown reason.

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    The English has never been my own personal favourite opening but I enjoyed watching the series, I'm sure it will prove helpful in tounaments!

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    This is amazing!Thank you so much!Are there any more vioes?Smile

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    Great series. Lots of really interesting analysis. 

    Is there any plan to do a video on 4. Nc3 ? That is the most commonly played move in this line, and the one that I seem to play against the most. I most often get the line 4. Nc3 b6 5. Bg2 Bg7 6. 0-0 Be7  7. d4  cxd4  8. Qxd4 d6 (or Nc6)



    I always seem to be just slightly on the worst end of it, but I haven't found an improvement.  

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    Thanks Danny!  Hope all is well with you!!


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    I would love to see your thoughts on the Catalan, Roman.

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    I have your opening book Roman, I would like if you could cover the variations presented in the book so that we can understand them better.

    I'm happy to see the symmetrical English finally :)

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    IM DanielRensch

    This series has been really instructive! I will tell Roman he should cover the Botvinnik, but he might not go for it Wink...

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    Please continue english

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    I'd love for you to cover the Botvinnik system!

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    Please continue English opening.  Thank you.

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