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    Very instructional, thanks for that Danny

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    scandanavian is one of those openings some people always play in blitz or bullet. in fact some people have whole little trappy lines developed for it for just this context (you know like the line played here, go play online you'll inevitably come across it at least 3-5 times if you play for an hour) talk about playing a mediocre opening in order to get an advantage because you know things your opponent might not. funny huh.

    same with some smith morra lines (not even the real smith morra stuff that I bet esserman can play if you come across him online, but the real hacky stuff) in fact the people that play this scandanavian kind of thing are seemingly almost trying to play exactly like they do when they play the smith morra as white. same exact themes; castle real quickly, develop everything and start throwing things at you. not very creative people if you ask me. kind of like they're grinding for rating points and don't really want to be playing chess......or something.

    that's why a bunch of people are playing it in blitz/bullet too. the surprise value, the fact that no one even likes playing it (psychological edge), no one really knows anything they can whip up real fast against it, and you are forced, as white, to play in some boring manner where you get this nagging .35-.5 positional advantage. hard (if not impossible) to exploit under certain time controls.  especially the Qd6 lines. at least with the Qa5 lines you sometimes can spoil their "fun" with a b4 pawn sac that can lead to everything getting crazy (exactly what they don't want btw...people are the worst sorts....)

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    play c4 at 7:00 it attacks he knight

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    who was even facing you?

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    IM DanielRensch

    @RolandTiba -- Well, it worked out -- BUT I had completely overlooked the Knight Fork on e4, so it was definitely a calculation oversight... which is a blunder.


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    sorry I already asked this, but I don't know if my comment can be seen... as I can't see that.

    why do you consider c3 at 35:35 as a blunder? you took a rook and a pawn, he took a rook and a pawn, but your king became more active... so it is actually a good move isn't it?

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    Always appreciated Sir!!!!!

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    Fantastic video! What's interesting about this video is that GM Perelshteyn has made several videos on this site about this opening both the e6 and Qd5 variations. I would like to know if you have seen them as what's especially interesting is his philosophy of the opening is different to yours as he argues that both variations lose time with the queen to lure the knight to c3 in order to play c6 and limit the knight. The scandianavian leads to a caro-kann structure which i believe danny has done many videos on I would also like to know if the scandinavian leads to the same structure but with a different "feel"   

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    Good video!!!

    I think a good idea was a live session with some thematic matches with GM Perelshteyn which carried out the videos on the Scandinavian defense.

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    How would you defend after Rhd8 instead of Re8 (after Bxa3 bxa3)? I think that the mate threat on d1 is still very ugly and you cannot get rid of the bishop on f3 due to the fork.

    Otherwise (apart from your play in this game Wink) .... great video, as usual. I like your way of explaining chess. Many thanks.

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    enjoyed the vid.   was your opponent a titled player also?

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    Another great video

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    like admire your frankness!  But then chess is frank. If we all would  make our moves in life along such crisp and precise lines!

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    YES! I just bought a book on the Scandinavian! Score!

    Great job Danny, as always. Keep up the good work!

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    como estaria buena la pagina en Espanol...gracias Cry !

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    IM DanielRensch

    Thanks everyone...

    Yeah, this game was a struggle but I was glad to hold on. Almost had some tricks in the end  Tongue out...

    @Evaldas6 -- I LOVE the DirecTV reference... hysterical!!!

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    Love hearing the thought process of a strong player.  The Video Lessions in general and the Live Sessions in particular are the best things about this site for me.

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    This was great!  It seems that the stronger your opponent, the more I like the video.  More tough decisions for you = more insightful analysis for us!

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    Great video. keep up the good work.

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