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    One of my favorite videos of all time on!

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    good humour and very hard words for black. However we learn better when critic is so harsh and direct.

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    I love these Roman Video's when he goes after the violators.  To me, this alone is worth the cost of my membership.  " Qh4..... who is doing this ? Whoever is doing this, has to stop !, they are going to have to big problem" ... :) :) :) :)

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    Haha, awesome.

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    fav video, great for beginners

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    Unstoppably funny lecture. To the critics, you should be reminded that this video is directed at a particular audience who (as GM) said deserve the scrutiny. If GM Dzindzichashvili wants to make a video telling you how bad you are, you ought thank him for it and repent; rather than complain about the content not being what you desired. In my opinion, this site should encourage content like this from lecturers - hell in the next installment I want to hear GM Dzindzichashvili scorn players while he is drunk, and I'm willing to supply the scotch.

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    Funny and Great!

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     This video is hilarious!

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    very nice lecture

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    GM are so right.  I"m finding myself skipping rules sometimes, and I pay for it the hard way.  Why do I skip this rule?  Maybe because the other player is low rated and I just want to put myself out of misery for aCCEpting the game.  NOw, after loosing a few that I shouldn't have, I am going back to the basics, even to the beginner's corner. :D  

    Sorry, GM D, I refuse to play checkers.  I'll stick with chess and let you be mean to me to teach me a lesson@!  :D  Great video! (for basic learning)

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    TQ SIR...

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    I enjoy a little sarcastic ridicule as much as the next guy, but I think Roman should choose a game with more subtle errors for the next member analysis.

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    To the point. I am guilty for looking for exemption to rules . Back to basics.

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    hahahahahahahaha this guy is the funniest dude ever!

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    You mean : 1. Develop 2. Develop 3. Develop 4. Develop with a purpose

    Got it.... I hope Innocent

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    I absolutely love Roman's video lectures. This one is fantastic and while yeah, as Roman says its a very basic principle to develop and either keep or seek the initiative, I see lots of games where one side simply fails to do this because they are tempted to chase a piece or attack a pawn and it winds up costing them dearly later.

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    hey dewster come on and  defend  yourself!   maybe  you;d had a few drinks?  Sealed

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    Ah well, but I believe some of the conflicts originate exactly from the long list of dictums that sometimes are hard to prioritize. I am sure this player was not thinking of exception at any level, simply just made a move. Why did he make it? Could it be avoided next time? Instead of sending someone packing to play rugby instead, a real help is to try to dissect and correct a beginners mind from its chaotic confusion. Why not trying to help someone for the love of the game instead of ridiculing a clear mistake?
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    Haha I attended a lecture once with Roman and he got into a drawn out argument with this kid (who's since gone on to become expert-level) who insisted on playing the king's gambit and roman thought it was crap (which I kind of agree with).  Twobit - you have to understand Roman's sense of humor.. obviously black was thinking of defending his pawn with his most powerful piece but Roman is from the Soviet school of "correct" chess. He's saying black is playing without any underlying understanding of chess strategy.

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