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     thamk you

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    Very intereresting analysis GM Dzindzichashvili. I enjoyed the tactical ideas in the end.

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    Thanks GM.

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    Thank you good Sir

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    NM Jahonas

    Well, if white sacs back with Bxc4 dxc4 and then Nxc4 Black is up a pawn and can respond with something like Qd5 and then Bb7 putting pressure on g2.  White would be praying for a draw in a position like that.  Also, according to Roman's variations white is winning after Bxh7+, so why not play the best move? 

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    great video

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    Great lesson from a french fan! Should help my improvement.

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    Very interesting video, thank you for sharing Roman!

    Can you or someone explain around the time of bxh7 why white can't just give back material with 1. bxc4?

    After 1. ... dxc4 2. Nxc4, the black queen is forced to move and the knight is ready to jump to an output deep in enemy territory.

    There is a useless check black can try, but after a bit of retreat, white can bring his rook into the game and I don't really see anything stoping the knight from getting to that outpost eventually.

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    great video he has a wonderful way of teaching.i enjoyed this very much,even though im a beginner.started today[lol]

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    Sorry, mystoffelees, but that is your own fault. It is clearly pointed out on the subscription page that videos are only part of the diamond membership. Reading is difficult, I know.

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    Go diamond Mystoffelees and you'll enjoy everything chess in it's fullest learning could offer. Videos are so much better than reading books of chess.

    I could never say I was scammed when I went diamond.

    One thing I appreciate with video lessons is that all lecturer's give their all, that is why it is very interesting and we are learning a lot.

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    Vitiugov's "French Defence Reloaded" cites Zherebukh-Jaiswal, New Delhi 2011, which follows Roman's analysis after 22 f5 and 23 Rae1 through 27 Rfe1. He does not do much analysis, credit Roman or cite computers.

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    Excellent as always! Looking forward to the next video in the series.

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    full videos are available in memebresia diamond, and also the other way unlimited options. 

    reviewer does not think well 

    worth this site are illustrative videos 

    This video is another great lesson from Grandmaster  Roman

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    So, I thought by "upgrading" to a gold membership I would be able to enjoy the videos.  Evidently this is not the case.  I am very disappointed and feel scammed...

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    Great video!

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    Thank you ! You are the Greatest ! :-)

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    That was excellent, those winning lines were so deep!

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