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    Thank you Sir for an informative lesson. I intend to review it again OTB. Lots of good stuff in there!

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    NM Darkbluelord

    Knightkralirr wrote "wow people below 2200 actually serious think about opening repertoire?" that's a bit of hyperbole isn't it? I mean when you were 1900 were you really like 1.e4 e5 hmmm well my bishop and queen can both come out now.

    Most players below 2000 do have a pretty good handle on at least the first 9 or 10 moves of most openings they play. Perhaps by Repertoire he means a really exahustive study. I do agree that most players below 2200 WAY overestimate the importance of openings. I have this student who's 1400 who's always asking me to teach him different openings and it gets really irritating. I'm like WHY?? If you drop a rook on move 15 what difference does it make. I think Carlsen said it best before 2000 it just all about tactics and virtually nothing else.

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    wow people below 2200 actually serious think about opening repertoire? is that really necessary? to me it seems under normal conditions/circumstances a person can make it to about 2200 level without really having much of a repertoire. an IM once told me that he didn't really have much of a real repertoire and this is in fact exactly what he had to work on in order to become a GM. if IM doesn't have much a real repertoire, do I need one? I don't really think so. but these quick summaries of various openings that GM gives are very helpful. come on down to the dzindzi store you can get some more and more and more and more ! ! "nature of the position doesn't change, position changes a little bit but nature of the position stays the same. white has a clear advantage" that's exactly my thought on the matter too. 

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    Rybka 4 thinks the position after the 6. .. b6 7. e5 Nfd7 8. Qd2 dxe5 9. 0-0-0 exd4 10. Bxd4 Nf6 11. Qf4 Qd6 12. Qh4 Bb7 13. Bc4

    is dead equal after 13 .. Bxf3. 

    Rybka goes on with 14. gxf3 Nbd7 and suggests white must play 15 Rhe1 for equality. Rybka thinks other moves are better for black. e.g. Be3 Qc6. OR f4 Rad8 OR Qg5 e5. 

    That's just Rybka though. Haven't checked Houdini. I'm surprised Roman says the engines give white a good position though. Perhaps he was using an older version or old hardware. 

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    Thanks Dzindzi.  Now my group will have to pool all our resources to combat your vile ideas against our precious opening.   Anyone willing to help or learn?  Then join the Pirc Café.  We play thematic discussion/vote chess to explore the variations.  Won't you join us for a spot?

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    LetsReason, Vladimir Kramnik certainly doesn't think that it is busted since he chose to play it in what he felt was a must-win situation in the last round of the candidates (in which he could have secured a draw but pressed on with a risky continuation and lost). GM Dzindzichashvili only showed why he thought certain variations were advantageous for White.

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    don't bother dzindzinator Cool

    Thank You for this lecture!

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    for this guy everything is "totally lost" or "huge advantage". There is nothing in the middle :) still like it...

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    I love this guy! Great teacher.

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    Great lecture. That opening lecture is like a middle game lecture, since all the pieces except for maybe a pawn are remaining on the board. I'm going to aim to make opponent's knight uncomfortable and their queen and bishops without a future.

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    thanks for the fascinating video GM Dzindzichashvili. I think that  this experience will help me fill some holes in my poor Opening repertoire.

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    I really liked this analysis.  Great positional explanations combined with the tactics of this specific opening.

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    Cool cool!

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