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  • A Month of Studies: Part 3

    Another week goes by, and my efforts to create chess beauty continue. Once again, I have failed to create true beauty on the chessboard. This week I began with slightly more "original" ideas, ideas that I have not found in other studies. However, ... | Read More

  • Alfil malo

    En la eterna lucha de alfil contra caballo muchos jugadores se preguntan cuál pieza es mejor y existen algunos principios generales en el medio juego que se hacen aún más evidente en los finales. Pasaremos a revisar un caso donde la superio... | Read More

  • From Opening to Endgame: Petrosian's Triumph

    It was the fifth game of the 1963 world championship match between Tigran Petrosian and Mikhail Botvinnik. Petrosian, the challenger, had not yet won a game against Botvinnik, neither in the match nor at any time before. Botvinnik was at +1 in the... | Read More

  • The Wit and Wisdom of Louis Fogg

    In mathematical logic there is a theorem which basically states "If you start with a false premise, you can prove anything." Back in the late 1960's and early 70's, the main attraction at the Penn State Chess Team meeting often was not IM Donald ... | Read More

  • Snarky Silman Presents: Readers’ Questions

    One The Conflict That Never Was Jeffrey Baffo wrote (on Facebook): “Move First, Think Later. That book creates a major conflict between Jeremy Silman/traditional methods and what Hendriks is saying.” Answer: I’m answering this question ... | Read More

  • of Cafés, Politics, Arts and Chess

         Cafés or Coffee Houses probably originated in 16th century Turkey and quickly expanded into Persia, Arabia, Egypt and other Islamic nations.  Even there they were havens for political idealists, philosophers, artists and game players.... | Read More

  • The Wooden Horse

    We have just entered 2014 which is the year of the Wooden Horse. It should be a lucky year for people who take care of their wooden horses on a daily basis. Of course I am talking about chess players. For the majority of people the Wooden Hor... | Read More

  • Death Match 20 - A Family Affair

    For the first time in Death Match history, we may have to ask the wives to leave the room. American GM Yury Shulman and German GM Daniel Fridman are both married to titled chess players, but there won't be any consultation allowed during their mat... | Read More

  • Positional Methods From Carlsen's Play, Part 4

    Today's article is inspired by a trend in media posts - calling Carlsen's play in the World Championship match “nettlesome” - his opponents tend to make more mistakes when playing him compared to their play vs. the other opponents... | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #24 - The 50-50 Problem

    Professor: Unless we’re Rip Van Winkle, and can sleep for a very long time, every day we have to make decisions. Some decisions are hard to make, others are easy. --- Lucian: I guess a hard decision would be where one has many choices. --- Ze... | Read More

  • A Month of Studies: Part 2

    For the past week, 5 hours a day, I have worked on studies. Every morning at 10:00 or so I sit indian-style on the floor of my room and begin to work with my floor board. I also have a magnetic board for when I am tired of sitting, and when I am u... | Read More

  • Q&A with Coach Heisman Jan 10, 2014

    "What rules do you break the least (most)?" I'm a US Chess Federation Senior Tournament Director, so I try not to break any rules at all! For example, I never move my knights like bishops and I press my clock after each move. But I think the ques... | Read More

  • From Opening to Endgame: the c3 Sicilian

    The Alapin Sicilian (1.e4 c5 2.c3) is an opening which particularly often leads to the transposition to a queenless middlegame. There are quite a few theoretical lines which lead to an early queen exchange, while keeping a tough, fighting game. In... | Read More

  • Middlegame & Endgames Ideas - #2 = Trades

    Hi guys, As requested, I'll be doing an article on trades this week (i'll do minority attacks next week & Zwischenzug in the following week) To start off, a game between two world champions  =              VS          ... | Read More

  • Pawn endgame

    This game shows that the pawn endgame is not easy.It is necessary to calculate transition to it carefully. Эта партия показывает что пешечный эндшпиль бывает непрост.переход в него в... | Read More

  • Steinitz's Fundamental Maxim: The King as a Strong Piece

    "The King is a strong piece" preached Wilheim Steinitz, 1st World Champion of chess. "It is more important than all of the other pieces combined times infinity (for, if it is "captured," the game is automatically terminated), and it is tough; it c... | Read More

  • To Master an Opening You Need to Embrace Defeat!

    The following game (played in an over-the-board tournament) by Chess.com member pogorelich is remarkable. It not only offers us incredible tactics (most of which were missed by both sides) and amazing structures, but also lessons on how to study a... | Read More

  • Middlegame & Endgames Ideas - #1 = Exchange Sacs

    Hi guys, Today I'm going to start off my series of Middlegame ideas with the exchange sac. This type of positional sacrifice (or occationally tactical blow) has become more poplarized due to the boost in the top rated games in the Najdorf variat... | Read More

  • Carlsen's Endgame Technique Part II + Debunking the Queenside Majority Myth

    In the January 5th article entitled "Carlsen's Endgame Technique," the sixth game from the Anand-Carlsen World Championship match was shown. In that game, the World Champion lost a rook endgame to the Norwegian World Champion. The lesson learned w... | Read More

  • The New Year's Night's Dream

    Last week's column provoked a lot of comments. Most of you enjoyed the humorous puzzles, but some readers had different opinions. Some of them were quite interesting. Like one of the readers wrote: "Seems a bit silly to invent your world with its ... | Read More

  • Carlsen's Endgame Technique

    There is an old saying that goes like this: "All rook endgames are drawn." While it is not clear who exactly proclaimed such a statement, it has become evident that Magnus Carlsen does not agree. When asked about the game afterwards at the pr... | Read More

  • Nice Combinations from World Champions Part II

    Hi all! In my first part I followed combination from Spassky. Now I follow combinations from another World Champion, from Mikhail Tal! He is a great tactic player. Have fun! After this nice combination, see a great attack play and win, in 17 m... | Read More

  • New Year's Resolutions

    © 2013, José Diaz   Links Interview with José Diaz José Diaz Official Website | Read More

  • Pandolfini's Puzzler #23 - Is the Board Half Full or Half Empty?

    Professor: We know there are 64 squares on a chessboard. We also know there are 32 light squares and 32 dark ones. Now let’s talk material. How many pieces does a player start the game with? --- Lucian: It depends what you mean by pieces.  --... | Read More

  • Welcome to 2014

    As we ring in 2014, I will show some beautiful endgame studies. Maybe you are recovering from your New Year's celebrations, perhaps getting ready to go back to work. But regardless, please enjoy these "etudes" which show the sublime and mystical e... | Read More

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