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  • My Best Win

    Hello everyone! I played this game last week against my brother, Danny (Mr_Penings here on Chess.com). I felt it was such a great game that I've showed it to many people, and now I am going to show it to you! Comment your thoughts on the game! T... | Read More

  • Here we go, again?

    (Beat reporter: Mark LaRocca) Here we go, again? Is it me?… or is it that time really does fly?  Regardless, in the words of the immortal Ray Charles… “The game’s afoot.”… er,  that is to say… I get to introduce y’all to this y... | Read More

  • The side effects of studying the openings wrong (part 2)

    This is the continuation of my opening series - the first blog can be found here:http://www.chess.com/blog/linlaoda/overemphasizing-the-importance-of-openings-part-1?ncc=1#first_new_comment In this issue I would like to discuss the consequences o... | Read More

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