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Attack198842’s Blog

    • Look for opportunity and beating a 2100 player xd

      Related to unbalance material , tactics,  weakening sqrs , traps .. I have been trying to improve my winning records  by having more space for black ..but got into some unusual positions with no merit ..here is one where i got struck by making ... | Read More

    • French Defense Keep it Simple

      For beginners/intermediate players French Defense is one of opening u come across ...dont try to play complex variation end up in so many weakness ..so better u choose exchange variation until u reach a good level ..thts bec it end s up in so man... | Read More

    • Attack is the key

      Last time i shared some points about how to beat a better opponent ..here i ll show some matches where attack is key to survive ..i also think as u become better u ll also be able to sacrifice correctly  measuring what it takes to win ... First g... | Read More

    • how to beat a better player

      For beginners/Intermediate players .. how do u improve yr chess ..off course by beating a better player ...rather challenging equally rated players i suggest you to play with better rated opponent ..if u think u ll loss many its not so ..u just h... | Read More

    • Rook versus knight end game against Computer 3 hard ..

      For beginners /intermediate players ^^ hmm when we play this end game with players we find it easy but not com or good player ..here is a example of how to handle it hope ll help some players  in chess .. | Read More

    • Computer 3 hard ..end game

      hope u learn somethin xd also see the variation if played wrongly -w- | Read More

    • For Beginners

      hey guys ..do u have a coummunity to share yr knowledge ...i mean not like sharing GM matches ...lik sharing common mistakes we do ..u know ..first we should do is learn to win matches tht we should be winning ..and learning from mistakes is more ... | Read More